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About Living Places

80,000 Pages ... Browse or Search?

As of July 2016, Living Places contains more than 80,000 web pages. If you're "looking" for something specific, use the Site "SEARCH" by selecting the purple button in the banner atop every page.

If you want to browse, check out the other buttons located in the top banner ... "WHAT'S NEW" and "SITE INDEX".

See Also

The "See Also" box shown at the right is a sample of information that appears in individual neighborhood pages. The example is for Afton Chase, a single family residential subdivision located in Lower Makefield Township, Bucks County, PA. Note that the municipality, county and state links are active.

The Green link labled "MAP" presents and interactive Google Map with centered on the neighborhood, and, most often will show a green boundary line delineating the borders of the neighborhood with a marker approximately in the center of the boundary. There may also be additional markers showing the locations of nearby neighborhoods. Hover over the markers to obtain links to these nearby neighborhoods when they appear.

If the Zip Code is presented as a link (19067 in this example), follow the link for more neighborhoods within the same zip.

If the builder is known (Toll Brothers in this example), you will find other neighborhoods attributed to the same builder.

What's Near

On Neighborhood pages there is a box headed What's Near. On Town/Municipal pages there is a corresponding box headed Neighborhoods. which contains the neighborhoods/subdivisions known to be located within the town..


On county pages (Bucks County for example), the column headed "Towns" lists those boros/cities/towns located within the county.

Information on Living Places is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.
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