Bucks County Natural Areas and Conservation Landscapes

Bucks County's NAI (Natural Areas Inventory) update identifies 13 conservation landscapes[†]. The largest conservation landscapes are in Upper and Lower Bucks. A conservation landscapes update expands upon and includes the 19 highest priority sites from the previous Natural Area Inventories.

Conservation landscapes emerged as high priority areas for continued conservation and preservation efforts and in many cases, overlap with State, County and Municipal open space, private conservation lands, and potential greenway corridors. Critical habitats found in these areas should be protected. Reducing development intensity and density and resource protection standards are goals sought by the County.

A total of 81,130 acres were identified in the 1999 NAI as priority sites to be protected. A total of 162,985 acres were identified in the 2011 NAI update in designated landscape areas. Bucks County municipalities have preserved 6,956 acres of land categorized as priority areas in the 1999 NAI and 11,139 acres of land categorized as landscape areas in the 2011 NAI Update.

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