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Neighborhoods in
Milwaukee County Wisconsin

North Grant Boulevard Historic DistrictMilwaukee City53210
Church Street Historic DistrictWauwatosa City53213
47th Street Bungalow Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
Agnews Highland AcresWest Allis City  
All Saints Cathedral Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
Ambruster FieldsGreendale Village  
American System-Built Homes Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
Apple CreekOak Creek City  
Arlington HeightsMilwaukee City  
Arlington ParkMilwaukee City  
Armann HeightsOak Creek City  
Art-ella HeightsMilwaukee City  
AuersMilwaukee City  
Avenues WestMilwaukee City  
Barton OaksOak Creek City  
Basse'sMilwaukee City  
Bay ViewMilwaukee City  
Bayside WoodsBayside Village  
Beechwood HeightsSouth Milwaukee City  
Belmont GroveOak Creek City  
Berkshire AdditionFranklin City  
Berwyn LawnsWauwatosa City  
Biwers WoodsWest Allis City  
Bluemound TerraceMilwaukee City  
Boulder RidgeHales Corners Village  
Bracken BraeWest Allis City  
Bradley EstatesMilwaukee City  
Bradley EstatesBrown Deer Village  
Brady Street Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
Brantwood HeightsGlendale City  
Brantwood LakesGlendale City  
Brantwood ParkGlendale City  
BrentwoodMilwaukee City  
Brewers Hill Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
BridgefieldGreenfield City  
Bronson ManorWest Allis City  
BronzevilleMilwaukee City  
Burnham ParkMilwaukee City  
Cambridge WoodsMilwaukee City  
Camelot ParkwayOak Creek City  
Capitol Drive GardensMilwaukee City  
Capitol HighlandsMilwaukee City  
Cardinal HeightsFranklin City  
Carolville CrossingOak Creek City  
Carroll CourtSouth Milwaukee City  
Cascade HeightsFranklin City  
Cass and Wells Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
Cedar HillsOak Creek City  
Cedar KnollGreenfield City  
Cedar RidgeGreenfield City  
Chapel HillOak Creek City  
Cherokee PointMilwaukee City  
Clarks AdditionMilwaukee City  
Clement ManorMilwaukee City  
Cloverleaf EstatesBrown Deer Village  
CloverleafBrown Deer Village  
Clovernook EstatesGlendale City  
Cold Spring GardensGreenfield City  
Cold Spring HeightsMilwaukee City  
Cold Spring Park Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
Cold Spring ParkMilwaukee City  
College GroveGreendale Village  
College HighlandsSouth Milwaukee City  
Colonial HighlandsMilwaukee City  
Columbia ParkMilwaukee City  
Concord HillMilwaukee City  
Concordia HeightsMilwaukee City  
Concordia Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
Conrad GardensWest Allis City  
CoronadoBrown Deer Village  
Country Club EstatesFranklin City  
Country CreekOak Creek City  
Countryside EstatesFranklin City  
Courtland ParkMilwaukee City  
Crawford WoodsMilwaukee City  
Creek Side ManorOak Creek City  
CreeksideCudahy City  
Crestview AcresGreendale Village  
CrestwoodGlendale City  
Crooked CreekFranklin City  
Crystal SpringGlendale City  
Cumberland ForestWhitefish Bay Village  
DaltonsMilwaukee City  
Devils CrownGreenfield City  
Donges WoodsBrown Deer Village  
DowntownMilwaukee City  
East Side Commercial Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
East SideMilwaukee City  
East TownMilwaukee City  
East VillageMilwaukee City  
Edge O WoodsBrown Deer Village  
Edgerton HighlandsGreendale Village  
Edgerton Meadows NorthGreenfield City  
Edgerton Park EstatesGreenfield City  
Edgewater HeightsMilwaukee City  
Elm SpringsBrown Deer Village  
ElmwoodShorewood Village  
Emerald MeadowsOak Creek City  
Enderis ParkMilwaukee City  
English AireOak Creek City  
Fair OaksSouth Milwaukee City  
Fairside ParkWest Allis City  
Fairview ManorMilwaukee City  
Fairway PlaceMilwaukee City  
Fairways of FranklinFranklin City  
Fairy Chasm ManorBrown Deer Village  
Fairy Chasm WoodsBrown Deer Village  
Farmington HillsOak Creek City  
FeldensSt Francis City  
First Ward Triangle Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
Fisher WoodsWauwatosa City  
FitzgeraldMilwaukee City  
Florence ParkMilwaukee City  
Folsom ParkMilwaukee City  
Forest CreekBrown Deer Village  
Forest Hill HeightsOak Creek City  
Forest LaneMilwaukee City  
Forward Bay ViewMilwaukee City  
Four Oaks AdditionFranklin City  
Fox Point CourtsFox Point Village  
Fox Point EstatesFox Point Village  
Fox Point GardensFox Point Village  
Fox Point TerraceFox Point Village  
Foxwood CrossingGreenfield City  
Franklin Estates AdditionFranklin City  
Franklin HeightsMilwaukee City  
Franklin OaksFranklin City  
Garden Homes Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
GardenviewWest Allis City  
Georgetown Commons WestOak Creek City  
Georgetown CommonsOak Creek City  
Georgian CourtMilwaukee City  
GilmansMilwaukee City  
Glen CrossingOak Creek City  
Glenn AcresGlendale City  
GlensideMilwaukee City  
Golden GateMilwaukee City  
Golden MeadowsFranklin City  
Golf View CrestBrown Deer Village  
Granada MeadowsGreenfield City  
Grand ViewMilwaukee City  
Grange MeadowsHales Corners Village  
Grant Boulevard Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
Grantosa HeightsMilwaukee City  
Grantosa HighlandsMilwaukee City  
GranvilleMilwaukee City  
Graystone ParkWauwatosa City  
Green KnollBrown Deer Village  
Green Moor ParkGreenfield City  
Green Tree CourtRiver Hills Village  
Greendale WoodlandsGreendale Village  
Greenfield GardensWest Allis City  
Greenfield HighlandsGreenfield City  
Greenfield HighlandsWest Allis City  
Greenfield LawnsWest Allis City  
Hale Park HighlandsFranklin City  
Hale ParkHales Corners Village  
Hales AcresGreenfield City  
Hales Corners HighlandsFranklin City  
Hales Happiness HomesitesHales Corners Village  
Hampton HeightsWauwatosa City  
HarambeeMilwaukee City  
HarambeeMilwaukee City  
HathawaysMilwaukee City  
Hauser HomesMilwaukee City  
Hauser HomesWauwatosa City  
HavenwoodsMilwaukee City  
Heritage HeightsMilwaukee City  
Heritage WoodsMilwaukee City  
Hidden LakesFranklin City53132
Hidden OaksFranklin City  
Hidden Pond EstatesOak Creek City  
Hidden PondOak Creek City  
High Ridge EstatesSouth Milwaukee City  
Highland AcresWest Allis City  
Highland HeightsMilwaukee City  
Highland MeadowsOak Creek City  
Highland ViewsWhitefish Bay Village  
HillsideMilwaukee City  
Hinckley HomesWest Allis City  
Holler ParkMilwaukee City  
HomewoodWauwatosa City  
Honey AcresWest Allis City  
Honey Creek HeightsMilwaukee City  
Honey Creek MeadowsMilwaukee City  
Honey CreekMilwaukee City  
Honey CreekGreenfield City  
Howard Avenue EstatesGreenfield City  
Howard Avenue HeightsGreenfield City  
Howard ManorMilwaukee City  
Howell Avenue EstatesOak Creek City  
Hunters ReserveFranklin City  
Hyde ParkWauwatosa City  
Imperial HeightsFranklin City  
Imperial PointWest Allis City  
InglewoodWauwatosa City  
Jackson ParkMilwaukee City  
Jackson ParkGreenfield City  
Jacobus ParkMilwaukee City  
Jacobus ParkWauwatosa City  
Jenna Prairie EstatesOak Creek City  
Jennings ParkWauwatosa City  
Johnsons WoodsMilwaukee City  
Jones IslandMilwaukee City  
Josey HeightsMilwaukee City  
Juneau Highlands Historic DistrictWest Allis City  
Kay AcresRiver Hills Village  
Kendal OaksOak Creek City  
Kilbourn TowersMilwaukee City  
KirksMilwaukee City  
KirkwoodBrown Deer Village  
KosciuskosMilwaukee City  
Kroupa ManorWest Allis City  
Lake HighlandsGreendale Village  
Lake View HeightsCudahy City  
Lake View HighlandsFox Point Village  
Lakeside ManorSt Francis City  
Lapham ParkMilwaukee City  
LauderdaleWest Allis City  
LawndaleWhitefish Bay Village  
Layton Boulevard WestMilwaukee City  
Layton ParkMilwaukee City  
Le FebersWest Allis City  
Lenox HeightsMilwaukee City  
Library SquareCudahy City  
Lincoln HeightsWest Allis City  
Lincoln ParkGlendale City  
Lincoln TerraceCudahy City  
Lincoln VillageMilwaukee City  
Linsey HeightsMilwaukee City  
Lisbon ParkMilwaukee City  
Long Island ParksitesMilwaukee City  
Lovers Lane EstatesWauwatosa City  
Mallory ManorMilwaukee City  
MarksMilwaukee City  
Martin DriveMilwaukee City  
McGeoch MeadowsWest Allis City  
McKinley SubdivisionMilwaukee City  
Meadow Creek EstatesOak Creek City  
Meadow Park HeightsMilwaukee City  
MeadowsideBrown Deer Village  
Melody ViewMilwaukee City  
Menomonee River HillsMilwaukee City  
Menomonee ValleyMilwaukee City  
Merrill ParkMilwaukee City  
Metcalfe ParkMilwaukee City  
MidtownMilwaukee City  
Mill AcresMilwaukee City  
Millroad ParkMilwaukee City  
Millwood ParkMilwaukee City  
Mission HillsFranklin City  
Mission RidgeFranklin City  
Mitchell ManorWest Allis City  
Mitchell Street Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
Monastery Lake EstatesFranklin City  
MonicaSt Francis City  
Morgan OaksGreenfield City  
MorgandaleMilwaukee City  
Nicholson MeadowsCudahy City  
Noonan HeightsBrown Deer Village  
Normandy EstatesOak Creek City  
North AcresBayside Village  
North Avenue HighlandsWauwatosa City  
North GardensMilwaukee City  
North Lake Drive Estates Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
North Lake Drive Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
North MeadowsMilwaukee City  
North Point North Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
North Point South Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
Northridge LakesMilwaukee City  
NorthwayBayside Village  
Oak Club EstatesOak Creek City  
Oak Creek ManorOak Creek City  
Oak HillMilwaukee City  
Oak KnollMilwaukee City  
Oak ParkMilwaukee City  
Oak RidgeWauwatosa City  
Oakwood EstatesGlendale City  
Oakwood Lake EstatesOak Creek City  
Oklahoma.Milwaukee City  
Old North MilwaukeeMilwaukee City  
Old OrchardFranklin City  
Old TowneWest Allis City  
Old World Third Street Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
Orchard HeightsMilwaukee City  
Orchard HighlandsBayside Village  
Orchard HillsWest Allis City  
Orchard ViewOak Creek City  
OrnesMilwaukee City  
Overlook FarmsGreendale Village  
Overlook WestGreendale Village  
Pabst Brewery Complex Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
Pabst ParkWauwatosa City  
Pabst ProjectMilwaukee City  
Park Knoll EstatesMilwaukee City  
Park PlazaBrown Deer Village  
Park RidgeWauwatosa City  
Park ShoreSt Francis City  
Park View HighlandsGreenfield City  
Park WestMilwaukee City  
Parkside HeightsMilwaukee City  
Parkway EstatesOak Creek City  
Parkway EstatesWauwatosa City  
Parkway HeightsSouth Milwaukee City  
Parkway HillsMilwaukee City  
Parkway LawnsGlendale City  
Parkway TerraceMilwaukee City  
PasadenaWauwatosa City  
PiggsvilleMilwaukee City  
Pioneer EstatesOak Creek City  
Poll-ber HeightsMilwaukee City  
Port HamptonGlendale City  
Prairie Grass PreserveFranklin City  
Princeton EstatesFranklin City  
Princeton HeightsFranklin City  
Prospect HeightsMilwaukee City  
Prospect HillMilwaukee City  
Quail RunOak Creek City  
R Mack AcresMilwaukee City  
Rainbow RidgeMilwaukee City  
Ramsey MeadowsGreenfield City  
Range Line EstatesGlendale City  
RavenswoodWauwatosa City  
Red Oaks WestGreenfield City  
Red WingFranklin City  
Residence ParkMilwaukee City  
Reynolds ParkMilwaukee City  
RichardsMilwaukee City  
Ridge Boulevard EstatesWauwatosa City  
RidgedaleMilwaukee City  
Ridgeview HeightsGreenfield City  
RidgeviewMilwaukee City  
Ritter Oak RidgeWauwatosa City  
River CrestGlendale City  
River ForestGlendale City  
River HighlandsFranklin City  
River HighlandsMilwaukee City  
River ParkMilwaukee City  
River ViewMilwaukee City  
Rivers BendMilwaukee City  
Rivers EdgeGlendale City  
Riverside ParkMilwaukee City  
Riverton HeightsMilwaukee City  
Riverton MeadowsOak Creek City  
Riverview PointeFranklin City  
RiverwestMilwaukee City  
RiverwestMilwaukee City  
Robinwood EstatesFranklin City  
Root River EstatesWest Allis City  
Root River HeightsFranklin City  
RosedaleBrown Deer Village  
Rowan EstatesOak Creek City  
Saint Johns EstatesOak Creek City  
SampsonsMilwaukee City  
Shafton ParkGlendale City  
Shepard HillsOak Creek City  
Sheraton LawnsWauwatosa City  
Sherman Boulevard Historic DistrictMilwaukee City  
Sherman GardensMilwaukee City  
Sherman ParkMilwaukee City  
Sherwood HeightsGreendale Village  
Shirley ParkMilwaukee City  
Shorewood GardensShorewood Village  
Silver Spring ForestWhitefish Bay Village  
Silver Spring HighlandsMilwaukee City  
Six Points EastWest Allis City  
Sleepy Hollow EstatesMilwaukee City  
Soldier HeightsWest Allis City  
South Milwaukee ParkSouth Milwaukee City  
South TowneSouth Milwaukee City  
Southview HeightsMilwaukee City  
Southwood ManorFranklin City  
Spindle Top FarmsFranklin City  
StacysMilwaukee City  
Stonegate EstatesOak Creek City  
Stonewater RidgeGreenfield City  
Story HillMilwaukee City  
Suburban EstatesWest Allis City  
SunnysideMilwaukee City  
Sunset MeadowsGreenfield City  
Supreme HeightsMilwaukee City  
Swan ParkWauwatosa City  
Tara Vista EstatesMilwaukee City  
Terrace GreenGreendale Village  
The Bluffs of Oak CreekOak Creek City  
The HeritageMilwaukee City  
The PointMilwaukee City  
The PreserveRiver Hills Village  
Third WardMilwaukee City  
Third WardMilwaukee City  
Thomas CabeensMilwaukee City  
ThorncrestFranklin City  
Thurston WoodsMilwaukee City  
Timmerman WestMilwaukee City  
TippecanoeMilwaukee City  
Tuckaway GreenFranklin City  
Tuckaway MeadowsFranklin City  
University HillMilwaukee City  
Uptown CrossingMilwaukee City  
Van DykeWest Allis City  
Villa Du CourMilwaukee City  
Walkers PointMilwaukee City  
Walnut HillMilwaukee City  
Warnimonts TerraceMilwaukee City  
Washington GardensWauwatosa City  
Washington HeightsMilwaukee City  
Washington HighlandsWauwatosa City  
Washington ParkMilwaukee City  
Wauwatosa EstatesWauwatosa City  
Wauwatosa HighlandsWauwatosa City  
WechselbergsMilwaukee City  
Wedgewood ParkMilwaukee City  
Wellauer ParkWauwatosa City  
West Lawn ParkWauwatosa City  
West Mount HeightsMilwaukee City  
West TownMilwaukee City  
West View HeightsMilwaukee City  
Westgate ParkMilwaukee City  
Westwood HeightsGreenfield City  
Wetor HeightsMilwaukee City  
Whispering WoodsFranklin City  
White Manor ParkMilwaukee City  
Whitetail EstatesGreenfield City  
Whitnall Arms CondosMilwaukee City  
Whitnall ViewFranklin City  
WichmanMilwaukee City  
Wildcat Creek HeightsGreenfield City  
Willow Creek EstatesOak Creek City  
Willow Pointe EstatesFranklin City  
WillowbrookOak Creek City  
Windsor ParkWauwatosa City  
Wood DaleWest Allis City  
Woodbury EstatesFranklin City  
Woodcrest AcresFranklin City  
Woodlands of FranklinFranklin City  
Wyndham HillsFranklin City  
Yorkshire GroveFranklin City  
Zenith ParksiteMilwaukee City  
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