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Neighborhoods in
Georgetown County South Carolina

Abaco CoveMurrells Inlet  
Allston PlantationPawleys Island Town  
Allston River BluffsPawleys Island Town  
AsseyPawleys Island Town  
Atalaya CovePawleys Island Town  
Bayfield LoopMurrells Inlet  
Belle Isle ForestGeorgetown City  
Belle IsleGeorgetown City  
Belle VueMurrells Inlet  
Bellwood LandingMurrells Inlet  
Beneventum PlantationGeorgetown City  
Bent TreePawleys Island Town  
Birds NestPawleys Island Town  
Black River PointGeorgetown City  
Black River RetreatGeorgetown City  
BlackmoorMurrells Inlet  
Blue HavenPawleys Island Town  
Bridges of LitchfieldPawleys Island Town  
BridgewaterPawleys Island Town  
BrookfieldMurrells Inlet  
Brookgreen TracePawleys Island Town  
Cambridge PlaceMurrells Inlet  
Captains CoveMurrells Inlet  
Channel BluffPawleys Island Town  
Chapel RidgeMurrells Inlet  
Charlestowne GrantPawleys Island Town  
Clubhouse CreekPawleys Island Town  
Collins Creek LandingMurrells Inlet  
Colonial EstatesGeorgetown City  
Compass PointPawleys Island Town  
Coral BayMurrells Inlet  
Cottages at the AddisonMurrells Inlet  
Country Club EstatesGeorgetown City  
Cravens GrantGeorgetown City  
Creek HarbourMurrells Inlet  
Creek PointPawleys Island Town  
Creek Ridge PlantationMurrells Inlet  
Creekside CottagesMurrells Inlet  
Crooked OakPawleys Island Town  
Crow Hill PlantationGeorgetown City  
Crystal OaksMurrells Inlet  
Cypress KeyesMurrells Inlet  
Cypress PointPawleys Island Town  
Debordieu ColonyGeorgetown City  
Eason AcresMurrells Inlet  
East SunnysideMurrells Inlet  
Eden CourtMurrells Inlet  
FiveacreGeorgetown City  
FlaggpointMurrells Inlet  
Fox ChaseMurrells Inlet  
Francis Marion EstatesGeorgetown City  
GambrellGeorgetown City  
Garden LakesMurrells Inlet  
Ginny HillMurrells Inlet  
Gray Mans CovePawleys Island Town  
Green AcresPawleys Island Town  
GreenbrierPawleys Island Town  
GreenwichGeorgetown City  
Hagley EstatesPawleys Island Town  
Hamilton EstatesMurrells Inlet  
Hammock PointeMurrells Inlet  
HarmonyGeorgetown City  
Hawks NestMurrells Inlet  
Heritage PlantationPawleys Island Town  
HighwoodMurrells Inlet  
Hunters GroveMurrells Inlet  
Huntington MarshMurrells Inlet  
Indigo CreekMurrells Inlet  
Indigo FieldsMurrells Inlet  
Inlet EstatesMurrells Inlet  
Inlet Marsh EstatesMurrells Inlet  
Inlet Oaks VillageMurrells Inlet  
Inlet Point SouthPawleys Island Town  
Inlet PointPawleys Island Town  
Inlet PointeMurrells Inlet  
International ClubMurrells Inlet  
Jamestowne ColonyMurrells Inlet  
JensensMurrells Inlet  
Johnson EstatesMurrells Inlet  
Jordan LandingMurrells Inlet  
Jordon CrossingMurrells Inlet  
Kensington EstatesGeorgetown City  
Kensington PlantationGeorgetown City  
Kings GrantMurrells Inlet  
Laurel BayMurrells Inlet  
LinksbrookMurrells Inlet  
Litchfield BeachPawleys Island Town  
Litchfield BeachPawleys Island Town  
Litchfield BreezesPawleys Island Town  
Litchfield By The SeaPawleys Island Town  
Litchfield Country ClubPawleys Island Town  
Litchfield EstatesPawleys Island Town  
Litchfield PlantationPawleys Island Town  
MacklenMurrells Inlet  
Magnolia Beach WestPawleys Island Town  
Mallory TraceMurrells Inlet  
Marlin Quay MarinaMurrells Inlet  
Marsh OaksPawleys Island Town  
Marsh PointPawleys Island Town  
Maryville FarmsGeorgetown City  
Maryville HeightsGeorgetown City  
Maryville PinesGeorgetown City  
MaryvilleGeorgetown City  
Mcdonald EstatesGeorgetown City  
MeadowoodsMurrells Inlet  
Meadows of St. PatrickMurrells Inlet  
MingoPawleys Island Town  
Mt Gilead PlaceMurrells Inlet  
Mt Gilead TraceMurrells Inlet  
Murrells Inlet VillageMurrells Inlet  
North Litchfield BeachMurrells Inlet  
North Litchfield BeachPawleys Island Town  
Oak HamptonMurrells Inlet  
Oak HillMurrells Inlet  
Oak LeaPawleys Island Town  
OakleyGeorgetown City  
Oystercatcher IslandPawleys Island Town  
Palm Bay at Prince CreekMurrells Inlet  
Palmetto PlaceGeorgetown City  
ParkersvillePawleys Island Town  
Parsons GardenGeorgetown City  
Pawleys Island BeachPawleys Island Town  
Pawleys LandingPawleys Island Town  
Pawleys PlantationPawleys Island Town  
Pawleys PointePawleys Island Town  
Pawleys RetreatPawleys Island Town  
Pebble CreekMurrells Inlet  
PennyroyalGeorgetown City  
Pheasant RunMurrells Inlet  
Pines of St JamesMurrells Inlet  
Plantation OaksMurrells Inlet  
PlantersvilleGeorgetown City  
PortobelloMurrells Inlet  
Ports CreekGeorgetown City  
Prince CreekMurrells Inlet  
Prince George OceanPawleys Island Town  
Prince George RiverPawleys Island Town  
Reunion HallPawleys Island Town  
Ricefields PlantationPawleys Island Town  
Richmond PlantationGeorgetown City  
River ClubPawleys Island Town  
River DownsMurrells Inlet  
River Oaks EstatesPawleys Island Town  
Riverwood EstatesGeorgetown City  
Robin HoodMurrells Inlet  
Salters CoveMurrells Inlet  
Samworth FarmsGeorgetown City  
SanteeGeorgetown City  
Seaport VillageMurrells Inlet  
Seasons at Prince Creek WestMurrells Inlet  
Shallow Creek BayMurrells Inlet  
Silver OaksMurrells Inlet  
South Bay VillageMurrells Inlet  
South Island PlantationGeorgetown City  
South Litchfield BeachPawleys Island Town  
South MarshMurrells Inlet  
Spring ForestMurrells Inlet  
Spring GulleyGeorgetown City  
SpringfieldMurrells Inlet  
St Christopher EstatesPawleys Island Town  
St. Charles PlacePawleys Island Town  
Stanley CoveMurrells Inlet  
Summer LakesMurrells Inlet  
Summerall OaksMurrells Inlet  
SummergatePawleys Island Town  
Sunny LakesMurrells Inlet  
Sweet GrassPawleys Island Town  
Teal AcresMurrells Inlet  
The ArborsGeorgetown City  
The Bays at LitchfieldPawleys Island Town  
The Bluffs at Pawleys IslandPawleys Island Town  
The Cottages at Pawleys IslandPawleys Island Town  
The EnclavePawleys Island Town  
The Hammocks at MingoPawleys Island Town  
The Hermitage - Murrells InletMurrells Inlet  
The HermitageMurrells Inlet  
The MooringsMurrells Inlet  
The Oaks at Winyah BayGeorgetown City  
The Olde VillageMurrells Inlet  
The OrchardMurrells Inlet  
The Peninsula at Inlet PointPawleys Island Town  
The ReservePawleys Island Town  
The RookeryPawleys Island Town  
TraditionPawleys Island Town  
True BluePawleys Island Town  
Vaux HallMurrells Inlet  
Vereens LandingMurrells Inlet  
Wacca Wache EstatesMurrells Inlet  
Wacca Wache HeightsMurrells Inlet  
Waccamaw LakesPawleys Island Town  
Waccamaw TracePawleys Island Town  
Wachesaw EastMurrells Inlet  
Wachesaw OaksMurrells Inlet  
Wachesaw PalmsMurrells Inlet  
Wachesaw PlantationMurrells Inlet  
Waterford EstatesGeorgetown City  
Waverly BayMurrells Inlet  
Waverly CreekPawleys Island Town  
Waverly Oaks - Pawleys IslandPawleys Island Town  
WaverlyPawleys Island Town  
Wedgefield PlantationGeorgetown City  
Whitehall PlantationGeorgetown City  
Whites CreekGeorgetown City  
Wilderness PlantationMurrells Inlet  
Willbrook PlantationPawleys Island Town  
Willbrook- Allston PointPawleys Island Town  
WillietownGeorgetown City  
Willow BayMurrells Inlet  
WillowbankGeorgetown City  
Windjammer VillageMurrells Inlet  
Windsor PlantationGeorgetown City  
Winyah Bay EstatesGeorgetown City  
Winyah PlaceGeorgetown City  
Woodlake VillageMurrells Inlet  
Woodland TerraceMurrells Inlet  
Woodlawn PlantationMurrells Inlet  
Woodside EstatesGeorgetown City  
Yarborough VillageMurrells Inlet  
Yauhannah LakeGeorgetown City  
Yauhannah LandingGeorgetown City  
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