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Neighborhoods in
Franklin County Pennsylvania

Cedarview EstatesAntrim Twp17225
Chambersburg Historic DistrictChambersburg Boro17201
Laurich MeadowsChambersburg Boro17201
Townhouse RowChambersburg Boro17201
Greencastle Historic DistrictGreencastle Boro17225
Mercersburg Historic DistrictMercersburg Boro17236
Blue Ridge SummitWashington Twp17214
Monterey Historic DistrictWashington Twp17214
Anrtim CrossingGreencastle Boro  
Antietam CommonsWaynesboro Boro  
AntietamWaynesboro Boro  
Antrim MeadowsGreencastle Boro  
Antrim Valley EstatesGreencastle Boro  
Ashton HeightsWaynesboro Boro  
Avalon TownhomesWaynesboro Boro  
BaumgardnerGreencastle Boro  
Beacon Light EstatesChambersburg Boro  
Beacon VillageChambersburg Boro  
BeartownWashington Twp  
BeartownWaynesboro Boro  
BeechwoodChambersburg Boro  
Bingamans Mobile Home ParkWaynesboro Boro  
BinoMontgomery Twp  
Black Forest EstatesChambersburg Boro  
BloomMontgomery Twp  
Blue Ridge SummitWaynesboro Boro  
Bricker DevelopmentChambersburg Boro  
BrimingtonWaynesboro Boro  
BrooksideGreencastle Boro  
Bullitt Creek EstatesGreencastle Boro  
Camelot MeadowsChambersburg Boro  
Camp LickMontgomery Twp  
Castle CommonsGreencastle Boro  
CedarbrookGreencastle Boro  
Chadwick EstatesGreencastle Boro  
Clay LickMontgomery Twp  
Coldbrook MeadowsChambersburg Boro  
Coldbrook SquareChambersburg Boro  
ColdbrookChambersburg Boro  
Coldspring EstatesWaynesboro Boro  
Colonial EstatesFayetteville17222
Country Club EstatesWaynesboro Boro  
Country Farm EstatesGreencastle Boro  
Country MeadowsChambersburg Boro  
Covered Bridge EstatesGreencastle Boro  
CowcrickWaynesboro Boro  
CreekwoodGreencastle Boro  
CulberstonOrrstown Boro  
Diller TractChambersburg Boro  
Eagle RockChambersburg Boro  
Eastland HillsWaynesboro Boro  
EastviewChambersburg Boro  
EdenvilleChambersburg Boro  
Edgemont EstatesWaynesboro Boro  
Edgewood EstatesWaynesboro Boro  
Eyer SubdivisionChambersburg Boro  
Fairways at Greencastle GreensGreencastle Boro  
FairwaysGreencastle Boro  
Falling Spring MeadowsChambersburg Boro  
Falling SpringChambersburg Boro  
Farmspring EstatesWaynesboro Boro  
Foothills of KensingtonChambersburg Boro  
Forest HillsWaynesboro Boro  
Franklin SquareChambersburg Boro  
Frick HillWaynesboro Boro  
Gabler TractChambersburg Boro  
Grand Point CrossingChambersburg Boro  
Grandview CrossingChambersburg Boro  
Grandview EstatesWaynesboro Boro  
Greencastle GreensGreencastle Boro  
Greene AcresChambersburg Boro  
Greene Valley EstatesChambersburg Boro  
Greenview AcresGreencastle Boro  
GreenwayGreencastle Boro  
Grove MeadowGreencastle Boro  
Guilford Hills NorthChambersburg Boro  
Guilford HillsChambersburg Boro  
Guilford ManorChambersburg Boro  
GuilfordChambersburg Boro  
Hamilton HeightsChambersburg Boro  
Hamilton HillsChambersburg Boro  
HawkstoneWaynesboro Boro  
HearthsideGreencastle Boro  
HegensvilleGreencastle Boro  
Heritage Estates WestGreencastle Boro  
Heritage EstatesGreencastle Boro  
Hidden Valley EstatesWaynesboro Boro  
Hillandale WestWaynesboro Boro  
HillcrestChambersburg Boro  
Hillside OrchardsWaynesboro Boro  
Hillview EstatesOrrstown Boro  
HoovervilleWaynesboro Boro  
Hunters ChaseChambersburg Boro  
Hunters RidgeWaynesboro Boro  
KasiesvilleMontgomery Twp  
Kauffman StationGreencastle Boro  
Kensington HeightsChambersburg Boro  
KensingtonChambersburg Boro  
Keystone ManorGreencastle Boro  
KingswoodChambersburg Boro  
KolparkChambersburg Boro  
Laurich EstatesChambersburg Boro  
Laurich Gems NorthChambersburg Boro  
Laurich Gems SouthChambersburg Boro  
Laurich HillsChambersburg Boro  
Laurich RidgeChambersburg Boro  
Laurich Town HillChambersburg Boro  
Laymans RidgeWaynesboro Boro  
Liberty EstatesChambersburg Boro  
Longview EstatesWaynesboro Boro  
Majestic MeadowsWaynesboro Boro  
Majestic RidgeChambersburg Boro  
Maple RunChambersburg Boro  
Mar Pen EstatesWaynesboro Boro  
Mar Way EstatesWaynesboro Boro  
MarionChambersburg Boro  
Martins RidgeWaynesboro Boro  
Meadow BreezeWaynesboro Boro  
Meadow BrookChambersburg Boro  
Meadowgreen HeightsChambersburg Boro  
Melrose MeadowsGreencastle Boro  
Mill Creek AcresChambersburg Boro  
Millwood VillageWaynesboro Boro  
Moss SpringsGreencastle Boro  
Mountain View TerraceWaynesboro Boro  
Mower MeadowsChambersburg Boro  
NeighborhoodWaynesboro Boro  
Nicholson Sqaure VillageChambersburg Boro  
North Guilford HillsChambersburg Boro  
North GuilfordChambersburg Boro  
Northside HeightsWaynesboro Boro  
Nottingham MeadowsGreencastle Boro17225
OaktonWaynesboro Boro  
Orchard DriveChambersburg Boro  
Orchard EstatesWaynesboro Boro  
Orchard HillPeters Twp  
Orchard Park CommonsChambersburg Boro  
Paradise EstatesGreencastle Boro  
Paul Mark EstatesGreencastle Boro  
Pen MarWashington Twp  
Pheasant RunWaynesboro Boro  
Pheasant RunChambersburg Boro  
Pleasant View EstatesChambersburg Boro  
PolktownWaynesboro Boro  
Presidential HeightsChambersburg Boro  
Progress VillageChambersburg Boro  
QuincyWaynesboro Boro  
Radio HillChambersburg Boro  
Random OaksChambersburg Boro  
Red BridgeChambersburg Boro  
Red Oak EstatesGreencastle Boro17225
Red Run CenterWaynesboro Boro  
Redbud CourtWaynesboro Boro  
Renaissance GardensWaynesboro Boro  
Reservior HeightsWaynesboro Boro  
Ridgewood StationChambersburg Boro  
RidgewoodChambersburg Boro  
RoadsideWashington Twp  
Rolling AcresChambersburg Boro  
Rolling HillsGreencastle Boro  
Rolling Road FarmChambersburg Boro  
Rose HillChambersburg Boro  
RouzervilleWashington Twp  
RouzervilleWaynesboro Boro  
RoxburyOrrstown Boro  
Saddle Ridge EstatesChambersburg Boro  
Saddle RidgeChambersburg Boro  
Saddlerock EstatesGreencastle Boro  
Scot-Greene EstatesChambersburg Boro  
Scotland MeadowsChambersburg Boro  
Shadow Creek MeadowsGreencastle Boro  
Shadow CreekGreencastle Boro  
Shady GroveGreencastle Boro  
ShafferGreencastle Boro  
Sheffield ManorWaynesboro Boro  
Sherwood ManorGreencastle Boro  
ShimpstownMontgomery Twp  
South Guilford HillsChambersburg Boro  
Spring RidgeChambersburg Boro  
Spring Run EstatesWaynesboro Boro  
Spring RunWaynesboro Boro  
Spring Valley EstatesChambersburg Boro  
Spring ValleyChambersburg Boro  
Square of ChambersburgChambersburg Boro  
Stone Mill EstatesGreencastle Boro  
Stoney Brake VillageGreencastle Boro  
Sunset TownsChambersburg Boro  
Sycamore MeadowsChambersburg Boro  
The AvenuesChambersburg Boro  
The EnclaveChambersburg Boro  
TomstownWaynesboro Boro  
Upton FieldsGreencastle Boro  
UptonGreencastle Boro  
Valley View ParkChambersburg Boro  
ViewpointWaynesboro Boro  
Village Green Manor Mobile HomesChambersburg Boro  
Walnut KnollsWaynesboro Boro  
Warm Spring EstatesChambersburg Boro  
Warm Spring RidgeChambersburg Boro  
Wayne GardensWaynesboro Boro  
Wayne HeightsWashington Twp  
Wayne HeightsWaynesboro Boro  
WaynesboroWaynesboro Boro  
Welsh RunMontgomery Twp  
West FieldsChambersburg Boro  
West View WoodsChambersburg Boro  
Westview MeadowsWaynesboro Boro  
Westwind GardensWaynesboro Boro  
Wharton RidgeGreencastle Boro  
Whiskey RunChambersburg Boro  
White Church MeadowsChambersburg Boro  
Wildflower AcresChambersburg Boro  
WillowdaleGreencastle Boro  
WoodbriarChambersburg Boro  
Woodburne EstatesChambersburg Boro  
WoodcrestWaynesboro Boro  
Woodlawn EstatesGreencastle Boro  
ZullingerWashington Twp  
ZullingerWaynesboro Boro  
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