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Neighborhoods in
Lorain County Ohio

Briar LakeElyria City44035
Cherry RidgeElyria City44035
CresthavenElyria City44035
Evergreen MeadowsElyria City44035
Abbe KnollsElyria City44035
AmberwoodAvon City  
Amelia MeadowsLorain City  
Amherst MeadowsAmherst City  
Amherst VillageAmherst City  
Andover BeachAvon Lake City  
Apple Orchard EstatesAmherst City  
Aqua Marine CondosAvon Lake City  
Arbor AcresAvon City  
Arlington PlaceAvon City  
Augusta WoodsAvon City  
Avalon EstatesNorth Ridgeville City  
Avenbury LakesAvon City  
Avon Center EstatesAvon Lake City  
Avon Historic DistrictAvon City  
Avon Reserve at SummerhillAvon City  
Avon WoodsAvon City  
BayviewAvon Lake City  
Belmar BeachAvon Lake City  
Bentley ParkAvon City  
Beulah BeachVermilion City  
Black RiverLorain City  
Bluebird BeachVermilion City  
BradfordAvon City  
Braeburn EstatesAmherst City  
BraemoreNorth Ridgeville City  
Brentwood Lake VillageGrafton Village  
BrentwoodGrafton Village  
Briar LakesAvon City  
BridgesideAvon Lake City  
Bristol PointeAvon City  
Britannia EstatesAvon Lake City  
Broad Street HeightsElyria City44035
Broadway GardensLorain City  
Byrds NestAmherst City  
Camden RidgeLorain City  
Camelot EstatesAvon City  
CamelotAvon City  
Caneel RunAvon Lake City  
Carlisle WoodsLaGrange Village  
CarlisleOberlin City  
CarlisleGrafton Village  
CarlisleElyria City  
Carmel at StonebridgeAvon City  
Carmel of StonebridgeAvon City  
Carrington Pointe EstatesGrafton Village  
Centennial EstatesAvon Lake City  
Center Ridge HeightsNorth Ridgeville City  
Charles Oak PointAmherst City  
CharlestonLorain City  
Chatham TerraceElyria City44035
Cherry BlossomAmherst City  
Chesapeake RidgeElyria City  
Chestnut Ridge HeightsElyria City  
Cleveland BeachSheffield Lake City  
Coachmanstrail CondosAvon Lake City  
College GreenElyria City  
College ParkOberlin City  
College ParkElyria City  
Colonial CourtVermilion City  
Colonial GardensSheffield Lake City  
ColonyColumbia Twp  
Concord VillageAvon City  
Copper CreekAmherst City  
Coronado CoveAvon Lake City  
Cottage GateAvon City  
Cottages at SavannahNorth Ridgeville City  
Country Club EstatesElyria City  
Country Club HomesitesLorain City  
Countryside EstatesAvon City  
Cove BeachSheffield Lake City  
Coventry PlaceAmherst City  
CreeksideLaGrange Village  
CreeksideAvon City  
Creekstone CommonsNorth Ridgeville City  
CreekviewAvon City  
Crystal Cove CondosVermilion City  
Currant VillageAvon Lake City  
Cypress StationNorth Ridgeville City  
DakotasAvon Lake City  
DebracyLorain City  
Deer Trail CondosVermilion City  
Deerfield EstatesLorain City  
Deerfield MeadowsNorth Ridgeville City  
Devonshire MeadowsAvon City  
Dorchester MeadowNorth Ridgeville City  
Dorwood HillLorain City  
DuntonLorain City  
Eagle CreekAvon City  
East Avon HeightsAvon City  
East Black RiverElyria City  
East Broad Street HeightsElyria City  
East HamptonElyria City  
Eastern HeightsElyria City  
Eaton EstatesGrafton Village  
EatonAvon City  
Edison EstatesVermilion City  
Elberta BeachVermilion City  
ElmwoodElyria City  
ElywoodElyria City44035
Emerald PointeGrafton Village  
English Lakes CondosAmherst City  
Euclid Erie ParkLorain City  
FairacresNorth Ridgeville City  
Fairfield EstatesElyria City44035
Fairfield EstatesAvon City  
Fairfield EstatesAmherst City  
FairhomeLorain City  
Fairway EstatesAvon City  
FairwaysAvon Lake City  
FairwoodElyria City44035
FaxonElyria City44035
Fiddlers GreenGrafton Village  
Fieldstone LakesElyria City44035
Finnegan FarmsOberlin City  
Fishermans Bend CondosVermilion City  
Flint RidgeGrafton Village  
Forest HillLorain City  
Forestview CrossingsNorth Ridgeville City  
Fox RunGrafton Village  
French CreekAvon City  
GamelliaAvon Lake City  
Garden AcresElyria City44035
Gatewood GardensColumbia Twp  
Grand HarbourVermilion City  
GrandviewLorain City  
Green PointeAvon Lake City  
GreenbriarElyria City  
Greenfield EstatesElyria City44035
Greenview EstatesAvon City  
Grey HawkLaGrange Village  
HadawayElyria City  
Hampton PlaceNorth Ridgeville City  
Hanover SquareVermilion City  
Harbor WalkLorain City  
Harbour TownVermilion City  
HaystacksGrafton Village  
HazelsAmherst City  
HeatherwoodElyria City44035
Heritage Ridge EstatesAmherst City  
Hickory HillsLorain City  
Hickory HollowAmherst City  
Hidden Creek CondosLorain City  
Hidden CreekLorain City  
Hidden ParkElyria City  
Hidden ValleyAmherst City  
High MeadowsElyria City44035
Highland AcresElyria City44035
Highland FrontLorain City  
Highland HeightsVermilion City  
Highland ParkLorain City  
Highland ParkAvon City  
HighlandLorain City  
Highlands Country EstatesGrafton Village  
HillcrestLorain City  
HillsideAmherst City  
Hoffman EsatesAvon City  
Hoffman EstatesLorain City  
Hoffman EstatesLaGrange Village  
Hoffman EstatesElyria City  
Homestead VineyardsNorth Ridgeville City  
HomewoodLorain City  
Hope CourtElyria City44035
Hunt ClubAvon Lake City  
Hunters RidgeAvon Lake City  
Hunters RidgeElyria City  
HuntingtonWellington Village  
Indian HIll PlaceColumbia Twp  
Indian Ridge EstatesVermilion City  
Inwood BeachAvon Lake City  
KenwoodColumbia Twp  
Madison PlaceColumbia Twp  
Mariemont LandingColumbia Twp  
Martins RunLorain City  
Monroe ParkColumbia Twp  
Morningside at Martins RunLorain City  
Orchard TrailAvon City  
PadwaySheffield Lake City  
Parkside ReserveWellington Village  
Parkside ReserveVermilion City  
Parkwood EstatesElyria City44035
Penfield MeadowsPenfield Twp  
PenfieldElyria City44035
Pheasant Run VillageLaGrange Village  
Piccolo PlaceAvon Lake City  
Pikewood ManorElyria City  
Pin Oak PreserveAvon City  
Pine MeadowsAvon Lake City  
Pine ValleyElyria City44035
Pioneer RidgeNorth Ridgeville City  
PittsfieldOberlin City  
Pleasant ViewAmherst City  
PondsideAvon City  
Powdermaker CreekAvon Lake City  
Powdermaker TownhomesAvon Lake City  
Quarry Lakes at AmherstAmherst City  
Quarry LakesAmherst City  
Ravenglass PlaceAmherst City  
Ravines EdgeLaGrange Village  
Red TailAvon City  
Reserve at Avon LakeAvon Lake City  
Reserve SquareWellington Village  
Reverve Way at SummerhillAvon City  
Ridge Vue HeightsSheffield Village  
Ridgefield HouseNorth Ridgeville City  
Ridgeville HeightsNorth Ridgeville City  
RidgewoodColumbia Twp  
River EstatesGrafton Village  
River Ridge RunGrafton Village  
Robin ParkOberlin City  
Robin ParkElyria City44035
Rolling MeadowsVermilion City  
Rosecliff EstatesLorain City  
RosemereElyria City44035
Royal Oaks Club CondosLorain City  
Saddle CreekAvon City  
Sandlewood AcresNorth Ridgeville City  
Sandy CreekAvon City  
Sandy Ridge EstatesAmherst City  
Sandy RidgeNorth Ridgeville City  
SavannahNorth Ridgeville City  
Seven Hills ClubColumbia Twp  
Seven PinesLorain City  
SheffieldLorain City  
Sherwood EstatesElyria City44035
Sherwood ForestElyria City44035
SherwoodLorain City  
Shore AcresVermilion City  
Smugglers Cove CondosAvon Lake City  
Spring ValleyElyria City  
SpringbrookElyria City44035
St James WoodsAvon City  
St JudesElyria City  
StecksLorain City  
Stone Wheel RunAvon City  
StonebriarNorth Ridgeville City  
Stonebridge CreekAvon City  
Stonebridge Glen CondosLorain City  
StonebridgeAvon City  
Stonehedge CondosElyria City44035
Stoney BrookElyria City44035
Sunny AcresLorain City  
Sunnyside BeachVermilion City  
Sweetbriar EstatesAvon Lake City  
Sycamore WoodsElyria City44035
Tanglewood EstatesGrafton Village  
Taylor WoodLaGrange Village  
The AntlersLorain City  
The ColoniesAvon Lake City  
The LagoonsVermilion City  
The LandingsAvon Lake City  
The MeadowsWellington Village  
The OaksLorain City  
The Reserve of Avon LakeAvon Lake City  
The ScoopGrafton Village  
The WoodlandsVermilion City  
Timber RidgeNorth Ridgeville City  
Titus HillAvon Lake City  
Towne CenterAvon Lake City  
Union Station CondosLaGrange Village  
University HeightsElyria City44035
University OaksElyria City44035
Upland GlenLorain City  
Valley ForestAmherst City  
Valley ViewVermilion City  
VentanasAvon Lake City  
Vermilion LagoonsVermilion City  
Vermilion on the LakeVermilion City  
Vermilion ShoresVermilion City  
Villa at Highland ParkElyria City44035
Village GreeneElyria City44035
Village Lake EstatesAvon City  
Villas at Chappel Creek CondosVermilion City  
VincentLorain City  
Vineyard BeachAvon Lake City  
Vineyard EstatesAvon City  
Volunteer BayVermilion City  
Washington VillageElyria City44035
WaterburyNorth Ridgeville City  
Waterside CrossingsAvon Lake City  
WatersideAvon Lake City  
West River EstatesVermilion City  
West ShoreSheffield Village  
West ShoreSheffield Lake City  
Westchester EstatesAmherst City  
Westmoor ColonyOberlin City  
Westwinds CondosAvon Lake City  
WestwindsAvon Lake City  
White OakElyria City44035
Wil Lou AcresNorth Ridgeville City  
WildberryAvon Lake City  
Wildflower CondosNorth Ridgeville City  
Williams MeadowColumbia Twp  
Williams WoodsLorain City  
Williamsburg HeightsLorain City  
Willow CreekAvon City  
Willow ParkNorth Ridgeville City  
WindemereAvon Lake City  
WindgateElyria City  
Winding River EstatesVermilion City  
Windmill VillageAvon City  
Windsor HollowAvon Lake City  
Windsor PointNorth Ridgeville City  
WoodhavenAvon Lake City  
Woodlands of VermilionVermilion City  
Woodmore EstatesAvon City  
Woodridge EstatesGrafton Village  
Woods of AmherstAmherst City  
Woods of Avon LakeAvon Lake City  
WrightsOberlin City  
Wyandot VillageAvon City  
Wyndemere EstatesAvon City  
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