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Neighborhoods in
Monroe County New York

Home AcresBrighton Town14618
MeadowbrookBrighton Town14618
StruckmarBrighton Town14618
Bellaqua EstatesChili Town14624
CliftonChili Town14428
CreekviewChili Town14624
Florentine WayChili Town14624
Hillary HeightsChili Town14624
Kimberly EstatesChili Town14624
Clarkson Corners Historic DistrictClarkson Town14430
Greenfield ManorClarkson Town14420
NorthfieldClarkson Town14420
Canal ViewFairport Village14450
Harvest HillsHenrietta Town14467
Clover MeadowsHoneoye Falls Village14472
Honeoye Falls Village Historic DistrictHoneoye Falls Village14472
Stonefield PlaceHoneoye Falls Village14472
Huntington HeightsMendon Town14472
MendonMendon Town14506
SibleyvilleMendon Town14472
Tomlinson CornersMendon Town14564
Alden GlenPenfield Town14580
Beacon HillsPenfield Town14526
Sheffield SquarePenfield Town14625
Aldrich GlenPerinton Town14450
Canal GrovePerinton Town144450
Perinton MeadowsPerinton Town14450
Delancey CourtPittsford Town14534
Rollins CrossingPittsford Town14534
Pittsford Village Historic DistrictPittsford Village14534
BeechwoodRochester City14609
Browncroft Historic DistrictRochester City14610
Corn HillRochester City14608
East Avenue Historic DistrictRochester City14607
Fernwood Park Historic DistrictRochester City14609
Grove Place Historic DistrictRochester City14605
Highland ParkRochester City14620
Lyell-OtisRochester City14606
Maplewood Historic DistrictRochester City14613
Mayors HeightsRochester City14611
Mt Hope-Highland Historic DistrictRochester City14630
Norton Village Historic DistrictRochester City14609
Ramona Park Historic DistrictRochester City14615
SwillburgRochester City14620
Third Ward Historic DistrictRochester City14608
Rochester Street Historic DistrictScottsville Village14546
Coastal ViewWebster Town14580
GarbuttWheatland Town14545
MumfordWheatland Town14511
Acre GardensGates Town  
Adam Brown BlockRochester City  
Adams BasinOgden Town  
Addison ParkGreece Town  
AddisonRochester City  
Alamo ParkBrighton Town14618
All SeasonsParma Town  
AllandaleRochester City  
Allens Creek ValleyPenfield Town  
Allens CreekPenfield Town14526
AmberwoodGreece Town14626
Apple HollowHamlin Town  
Appleby DaleyIrondequoit Town  
Arbor Creek EstatesOgden Town  
Arbor RidgePenfield Town  
ArensmeyerRochester City  
ArlingtonIrondequoit Town  
Arvine ParkRochester City  
AshbrookHenrietta Town  
Ashland OaksOgden Town  
Ashlyn RisePenfield Town  
Astor TerraceBrighton Town  
Atlantic-UniversityRochester City  
Auburn EstatesPittsford Town  
Autumn HeightsGreece Town14612
Autumn RidgePittsford Town14534
Autumn WoodChili Town  
Autumn WoodsPittsford Town  
Autumn WoodsWebster Town  
Avery ParkGreece Town14612
Baird Road EstatesPenfield Town14526
BaldwinsvilleRochester City  
Barclay SquareBrighton Town  
Barker EstatesPittsford Town  
BarmontGreece Town14626
BastianRochester City  
Bauers CoveOgden Town  
Bay Breeze EstatesPenfield Town  
Bay MeadowsWebster Town  
Bay Road GardensWebster Town  
Bay VillageIrondequoit Town  
Bayside ParkRochester City  
BaytreeIrondequoit Town  
Beacon HeightsRochester City  
Beaumont EstatesPerinton Town  
Bedford ManorIrondequoit Town  
BeechwoodRochester City  
BeechwoodsWebster Town  
Bel AireBrighton Town14618
Bel-airBrighton Town  
Bel-view HeightsPittsford Town  
BelcodaWheatland Town  
Bella EstatesOgden Town  
BelvedereWebster Town  
Belvista HeightsPenfield Town  
BensonhurstRochester City  
Berkshire MeadowsGreece Town  
Berkshire ParkHenrietta Town  
BeulahWheatland Town  
Birch CrescentRochester City  
Black Creek WoodsChili Town  
Black Watch HillRiga Town  
Black Watch HillPerinton Town  
BlodgettRochester City  
BlumenthalRochester City  
BoardmanRochester City  
BonaireIrondequoit Town  
BonesteelGreece Town14616
Bouckhart FarmsIrondequoit Town  
Boulevard CrescentIrondequoit Town  
Boulevard HeightsIrondequoit Town  
Bowling GreenWebster Town  
Braddock HeightsGreece Town  
Bragdon EstatesPittsford Town  
Bragdon HouseRochester City  
Brandon WoodsSweden Town  
Brasser VillageChili Town  
Brentwick ParkIrondequoit Town  
Brianna MeadoewsClarkson Town  
Briarwood EstatesWebster Town  
Bridge Square Historic DistrictRochester City  
Bridle PathPenfield Town14526
BriggsRochester City  
Brighton EstatesBrighton Town14618
Brighton MeadowsBrighton Town  
BrightondaleRochester City  
Brittany CommonsBrighton Town  
Britton FarmGreece Town  
Brockway PlaceSweden Town  
Brook Forest EstatesGreece Town  
Brook HeightsSweden Town  
BrookdaleIrondequoit Town  
Brookhaven EstatesOgden Town  
Brookhaven HeightsRochester City  
Brookside MeadowsPittsford Town  
BrooksideBrighton Town14618
Brookview MeadowsGreece Town  
Brown SquareRochester City  
BrowncroftRochester City  
Bru-mar HeightsGates Town  
Bucher FarmIrondequoit Town  
Burch FarmClarkson Town14420
Burlew HeightsRochester City  
Cambridge ColonyPittsford Town  
Cambridge CourtWebster Town  
Camden ParkPenfield Town  
Camelot HillsHenrietta Town  
CampbellRochester City  
Canal Park EstatesGreece Town  
Canopy TrailWebster Town  
Canton MeadowPerinton Town  
Capron Street LoftsRochester City  
Cardinal CoveOgden Town  
Carlton WoodsGreece Town14615
Carriage GlenGreece Town  
Carriage HillPenfield Town  
Castleman Court CondosRochester City  
Cedar RunGreece Town  
Cedar SwampHenrietta Town  
Chapel Hill EstatesMendon Town  
Charles HouseRochester City  
CharlotteRochester City  
CharlotteGreece Town  
Charlton EstatesIrondequoit Town  
Charter OaksPittsford Town  
Chatham WoodsPittsford Town  
CherlynGates Town  
Cherry HillOgden Town  
ChesapeakeHenrietta Town  
ChestnutChili Town  
ChildsRochester City  
Churchville GreeneRiga Town  
Circus ParkRochester City  
City Hall Historic DistrictRochester City  
City Park CondodRochester City  
Clarkson MeadowsClarkson Town  
Clearview HeightsPenfield Town14526
Clearview MeadowsGates Town  
CliffmorRochester City  
Clifford GardensIrondequoit Town  
Clinton SquareRochester City  
Clover DownsBrighton Town14618
Clover EstatesBrighton Town  
Clover HillsBrighton Town14618
Clover MeadowsMendon Town  
ClovercrestBrighton Town14618
Coastal ViewWebster Town  
Cobblers SquarePenfield Town14526
Cobbs HillRochester City  
ColdwaterGates Town  
College GreeneChili Town  
Colonial MeadowsWebster Town  
Colts RunPenfield Town  
Cooks MeadowGates Town  
CoolidgeRochester City  
Copperfield RidgeGreece Town14615
Cornhill ParkRochester City  
Cottage ParkGates Town  
Council RockBrighton Town  
Country Club EastPenfield Town14526
Country Club EstatesPittsford Town14618
Country Club ViewGreece Town  
Country ClubBrighton Town14618
Country Creek EstatesHamlin Town  
Country Creek EstatesPerinton Town  
Country DownsPerinton Town  
Country PointePittsford Town  
Countryside GardensWebster Town  
County ClarePerinton Town  
County TraceHenrietta Town  
Coventry ManorPenfield Town  
Cranberry CovePenfield Town  
Creekhouse VillageGreece Town  
Creekside ColonyGreece Town  
Creekside WoodsGreece Town  
Crescent BeachGreece Town  
Crest HillGates Town  
Crestview EstatesSweden Town  
CrestwoodGreece Town  
CrossgatesGreece Town  
CrossingHenrietta Town  
Crouch FarmIrondequoit Town  
Crowne PointePenfield Town  
Crystal BrookWebster Town  
Culver HillsIrondequoit Town  
Culver ManorIrondequoit Town  
Culver MeadowsIrondequoit Town  
Culver Ridge HeightsIrondequoit Town  
Curlton WoodsGreece Town  
Dale MeadowsGreece Town  
DanforthRochester City  
Dann CornerMendon Town  
DeepwoodGreece Town  
Deer RunPenfield Town14526
Deland ParkPerinton Town  
Denluck-hydeRochester City  
Devonshire HillsPerinton Town14450
Devonshire VillagePenfield Town14526
Dewey GardensGreece Town  
Dewitt FarmsWebster Town  
DickinsonPenfield Town  
Dillman EstatesParma Town  
Drakewood FarmsHamlin Town  
Dublin CornersPenfield Town14526
Dugway KnollsPenfield Town14526
Dunnbridge EstatesWebster Town  
DutchtownRochester City  
Eagle ridgeHenrietta Town  
Eagle ValePerinton Town  
East Avenue EstatesPittsford Town14618
East AvenueRochester City  
EastbrookeBrighton Town14618
EastbrookeBrighton Town  
Eastman EstatesIrondequoit Town  
Eastman Historic DistrictRochester City  
EastviewIrondequoit Town  
Eastwood EstatesWebster Town  
Edgar HolmesRochester City  
EdgertonRochester City  
EdgewoodBrighton Town14618
EdgewoodRochester City  
Edison PlaceRochester City  
Egypt Park EstatesPerinton Town  
Eichmann ResubWebster Town  
Ellison HeightsPenfield Town14526
Ellwanger BarryRochester City  
Ellwanger BarryRochester City  
ElmcroftRochester City  
ElmtreeRochester City  
Empire ManorGates Town  
English ManorGreece Town  
English VillageGreece Town  
Erie Station VillageHenritta Town  
Erie VillageSweden Town  
Estates at WindchasePerinton Town  
Ettrick ForestPenfield Town14526
Evans FarmBrighton Town14618
Evergreen EstatesRush Town  
Evergreen HillsIrondequoit Town  
Fair MeadowsGreece Town  
FairchildRochester City  
FairfaxGates Town  
Fairfield EstatesPenfield Town  
Fairmont HillsPenfield Town14526
Fairmont HillsPerinton Town  
Fairmont TerracePerinton Town  
Fairview CrossingPenfield Town  
Fairview CrossingPerinton Town  
Fairview HeightsBrighton Town  
FairviewIrondequoit Town  
FairviewRochester City  
FairwaysBrighton Town  
Fallenson ManorGreece Town  
Falling CreekPittsford Town  
FarmdaleGreece Town  
FarmdaleOgden Town  
FennerHenrietta Town  
Ferndale ManorBrighton Town  
Fernwood HeightsRochester City  
Fetzner EstatesGreece Town  
Fieldstone EstatesGreece Town  
Fieldstone FarmsRiga Town  
Filon HeightsIrondequoit Town  
Floraville FarmsWheatland Town  
FlynnRochester City  
Ford CornerMendon Town  
Forest GlenGreece Town  
Forest Grove CourtPenfield Town  
Forest HeightsWebster Town  
Forest HillsRochester City  
Forest HillsPerinton Town  
Fox HillPenfield Town  
Fox Run CondosGates Town  
FoxhallGates Town  
Foxridge EstatesGreece Town  
FrankfortRochester City  
French WoodsBrighton Town14618
FriesnersRochester City  
Fruitdale ParkIrondequoit Town  
Fuller AdditionWebster Town  
GagneHamlin Town  
Galant WoodsPenfield Town  
Garden HillPenfield Town14526
Gates CenterGates Town  
GatesfieldGates Town  
Gatewood HeightsGates Town  
Genesee FallsRochester City  
Georgetown CommonsPerinton Town  
Georgetown HeightsPerinton Town  
GeorgetownGreece Town  
GiffordRochester City  
GlassersRochester City  
Glen Manor ParkBrighton Town  
GlenbrookPenfield Town14526
GlenbrookPenfield Town  
GlenoraGreece Town  
GlenviewRochester City  
Golfside AcresBrighton Town  
Golfside AcresPittsford Town  
Golfside ManorPenfield Town  
GouldRochester City  
Graceland EstatesPenfield Town  
GrahamPenfield Town  
Grand View HeightsGreece Town  
GraybarGreece Town  
Graywood MeadowsHenrietta Town  
Grecian ParkGreece Town  
GreeceGreece Town  
Green AcresIrondequoit Town  
Green Valley AcresGreece Town  
GreenbriarPerinton Town  
Greenfield VillageHenrietta Town  
Gregory Park CondosRochester City  
GreigRochester City  
GreylockPittsford Town  
Greythorne HillPittsford Town  
Grosvenor East TownhomesBrighton Town  
Hadley FarmsPerinton Town  
Hall FarmPenfield Town14526
Hallmark EstatesPenfield Town  
HallmarkPenfield Town14526
Hamilton ChasePerinton Town  
Hampden GardensGreece Town  
Hampstead EstatesWebster Town  
Hampton HeightsHenrietta Town  
Hampton SquarePerinton Town  
Hanfords LandingGreece Town  
Happy AcresWebster Town  
Harbor HillIrondequoit Town  
Harmon HersheyBrighton Town14618
Hartman HomesGreece Town  
Harts WoodsPerinton Town  
Havenwood MeadowsSweden Town  
Hawthorne TerraceRochester City  
HawthorneRochester City  
Hayward TerraceRochester City  
Heartland EstatesWebster Town  
HedgegarthIrondequoit Town  
Helendale HeightsGates Town  
Heritage FarmGreece Town  
Heritage MeadowsHenrietta Town  
Heritage ParkWebster Town  
Heritage WoodsPittsford Town  
Hickory HollowOgden Town  
Hickory ManorGates Town  
Hidden GrovePittsford Town  
Hidden PinesHamlin Town  
Hidden ValleyGates Town  
High Point FarmParma Town  
Highland GroveBrighton Town  
Highland HeightsRochester City  
Highland Park CondosRochester City  
Highland Park TerraceRochester City  
Highland TerraceRochester City  
HighlandRochester City  
HilfikerIrondequoit Town  
HillcrestHamlin Town  
Hillsboro CoveWebster Town  
Hilltop CourtPenfield Town  
Hilltop EstatesSweden Town  
Hilltop FarmsPittsford Town  
Hillview EstatesGates Town  
Hilton HillsParma Town  
HinkleyvilleParma Town  
HolbrookRochester City  
HollisterRochester City  
Holly GlennSweden Town  
Holly HillMendon Town  
HolmesRochester City  
Homestead AcresGates Town  
Homestead HeightsRochester City  
HookerRochester City  
HoustonRochester City  
Humboldt HomesRochester City  
Hunters PointePittsford Town  
Huntington HillsIrondequoit Town  
Huntington ParkHenrietta Town  
HuntingtonHamlin Town  
ImagesGreece Town  
Independence RidgePenfield Town  
Indian HillsHenrietta Town  
Irondequot GardensIrondequoit Town  
Island Cottage BeachGreece Town  
Jackson ParkRochester City  
Jefferson EstatesPittsford Town  
Jefferson GardensPerinton Town  
JenkinsPittsford Town  
JenningsRochester City  
KalynaIrondequoit Town  
Kensington WoodsPittsford Town  
Kernwood EstatesGates Town  
KevinshirePerinton Town  
King ArthurChili Town  
King Forest EstatesChili Town  
Kings CourtIrondequoit Town  
Kings CrossingChili Town  
Kings LaneIrondequoit Town  
Kirk Road VillasGreece Town  
KirkdaleGreece Town  
Kirkwood GardensGates Town  
Klem HomesteadWebster Town  
KnickerbockerPittsford Town  
Knolls at Harvest HillsHenrietta Town  
KnollwoodPittsford Town  
Kress AcresOgden Town  
Lac Deville VillageBrighton Town  
Lake Avenue MeadowsRochester City  
Lake BreezeIrondequoit Town  
Lake BreezeWebster Town  
Lake CrestRochester City  
Lake LacomaPittsford Town  
Lake Pointe EstatesWebster Town  
Lake View GardensGreece Town  
Lake View OrchardGreece Town  
Lakedale AdditionRochester City  
Lakeshore ParkIrondequoit Town  
LakeviewRochester City  
Lakewood ShoresGreece Town  
Lamplighter ColonyHenrietta Town  
Landmark EstatesPittsford Town  
LantanaGreece Town  
LarkwoodGreece Town  
Larrigan CrossingClarkson Town14420
Latta GardensGreece Town  
Laura LaneClarkson Town14420
Laurel HillPittsford Town  
LaureltonIrondequoit Town  
LaureltonRochester City  
LautnersRochester City  
Lawn HavenIrondequoit Town  
Leahy ParkRochester City  
LeannaClarkson Town14420
Legends EastGreece Town  
Legends WestGreece Town  
Leighton LeaRochester City  
LestersRochester City  
LexingtonChili Town  
Lighthouse BeachParma Town  
Lincoln Park Rochester City  
Linden East CondosRochester City  
Lockwood EstatesOgden Town  
Locust Hill MeadowsHenrietta Town  
Locust Hill ViewHenrietta Town  
Long Park AcresGreece Town  
Long Pond CoveGreece Town  
LongleafHenrietta Town  
LongmeadowIrondequoit Town  
Longwood VillageGreece Town  
Lost Mountain ManorPenfield Town  
LyellhurstRochester City  
LynndaleIrondequoit Town  
LynwoodClarkson Town14420
Macfarlan FarmsBrighton Town  
Madison Square-West Main Street Historic DistrictRochester City  
Magnolia ManorPerinton Town  
Maiden Lane WoodsGreece Town  
Malvern HillsPittsford Town  
MalvernBrighton Town  
Manitou BeachGreece Town14468
Maple Grove EstatesOgden Town  
Maple HollowChili Town  
Maple RidgeClarkson Town  
MapledaleHenrietta Town  
Maplehurst AdditionGreece Town  
Maplehurst ParkGates Town  
MaplewoodOgden Town  
MaplewoodsWebster Town  
Marin WoodsPerinton Town  
Marland ShoresGreece Town  
MartinHenrietta Town  
Mason ValleyPerinton Town  
Mayfair ParkPenfield Town14526
Mayfair ParkPerinton Town  
Maywood AdditionIrondequoit Town  
MaywoodBrighton Town14618
McCormick PlaceBrockport Village14420
McCormick PlaceSweden Town  
McCrackenvilleRochester City  
McFarlan FarmsBrighton Town14618
McKee PlaceRochester City  
Meadow Vale Park AdditiomGates Town  
Meadowvale EstatesGates Town  
MeadowviewBrighton Town  
MendickIrondequoit Town  
Mendon CenterMendon Town  
Mendon SquareMendon Town  
MendonshireMendon Town  
Merrill EstatesSweden Town  
Merrydale HeightsIrondequoit Town  
Mile of WoodsHenrietta Town  
Mill Creek EstatesWebster Town  
Mill Creek MeadowsWebster Town  
Mill CreekPenfield Town  
Mill HollowGreece Town  
Mill RunGreece Town  
Mill Valley EstatesPittsford Town  
Monroe MeadowsBrighton Town  
Mont Blanc EstatesWebster Town  
Montgomery GlenPenfield Town  
MontroseIrondequoit Town  
Moran CornerMendon Town  
MoulsonsRochester City  
Mount ReadGreece Town  
Mount RoyaleIrondequoit Town  
MungerRochester City  
Murray FarmRochester City  
Myrtle HillRochester City  
Nakoma FarmsPenfield Town  
Nebbia FarmMendon Town  
Neighborhood of the ArtsRochester City  
Newbury ParkPenfield Town14526
NewcastleGreece Town  
Newport HeightsIrondequoit Town  
Nile EstatesIrondequoit Town  
Norran ParkIrondequoit Town  
Norris EstateIrondequoit Town  
North ColonyClarkson Town  
North Creek EstatesGreece Town  
North Forest EstatesOgden Town  
North GatesGates Town  
North GoodmanIrondequoit Town  
North GreeceGreece Town  
North Marketview HeightsRochester City  
North ViewGreece Town  
North Winton VillageRochester City  
Northampton EstatesOgden Town  
NorthamptonGreece Town  
Northgate ManorGreece Town  
NorthgateGreece Town  
Northhampton MeadowsGates Town  
Northland-LyceumRochester City  
Northridge CrossingGreece Town  
NorthridgeIrondequoit Town  
Northview HomesSweden Town  
NorthwickIrondequoit Town  
Nottingham EstatesPenfield Town  
Oak View ParkRochester City  
Oakcrest VillageIrondequoit Town  
OakdalePenfield Town  
OakmonteWebster Town  
Oakwood ManorHenrietta Town  
OakwoodGreece Town  
Ogden CenterOgden Town  
Ogden HeightsOgden Town  
Old OrchardGreece Town  
Olympia HeightsGreece Town  
Ontario ParkGreece Town  
Orchard BrookGreece Town  
Orchard ManorWebster Town  
Orchard ParkIrondequoit Town  
Orchard ValleyPenfield Town  
Orchards HillsOgden Town  
Ottaway FarmsGreece Town  
Pamona GardensGreece Town  
Panorama EstatesPenfield Town  
Panorama KnollsPenfield Town  
Pardee EstatesIrondequoit Town  
Park PlaceChili Town  
Park PlaceParma Town  
Park SquarePittsford Town  
Park ViewRiga Town  
Park-MeigsRochester City  
ParkhurstOgden Town  
Parkland EstatesPerinton Town  
Parkview Manor HeightsMendon Town  
Parkway HeightsGates Town  
Parkway ManorParma Town  
Parkway MeadowsGreece Town  
Parma CenterParma Town  
Parma CornersParma Town  
Parmdale EstatesParma Town  
Parrish RoadMendon Town  
Partridge HillMendon Town  
Peach GroveIrondequoit Town  
Pearlwood ManorWebster Town  
Penfield GreenPenfield Town  
Penhurst ParkBrighton Town  
Pennicott VillagePenfield Town14526
Penview HeightsPenfield Town  
Pepper RidgeWebster Town  
PepperidgeGreece Town  
Peppermill FarmsPerinton Town  
Piccadilly ParkPenfield Town  
Piccadily ParkPenfield Town14526
Picturesque AcresGreece Town  
Pikes LtsRochester City  
Pilgrim HillGreece Town  
Pine AcresPittsford Town  
Pine Creek EstatesGreece Town14626
Pine RidgeGreece Town  
PinebrookGreece Town  
PinecrestPerinton Town  
Pinegrove KnollIrondequoit Town  
Pinegrove ManorIrondequoit Town  
PinegroveWebster Town  
PinewoodIrondequoit Town  
Pinnacle HeightsHenrietta Town  
Pioneer AcresWebster Town  
Pipers MeadowsPenfield Town14526
Pittsford KnollsPittsford Town  
Plymouth-ExchangeRochester City  
PodgersHamlin Town  
Point PleasantIrondequoit Town  
Pond ViewPerinton Town  
Pond ViewOgden Town  
Ponds EstatesMendon Town  
Ponds View EstatesParma Town  
Poplar HeightsPenfield Town14526
Prides CrossingsChili Town  
Priestly FarmClarkson Town  
Prospect HillRochester City  
Prospect ParkGreece Town  
Providence EstatesWebster Town  
Providence LandingPenfield Town  
Pumpkin HillChili Town  
Queens ColonyBrighton Town14618
Raimsford ParkIrondequoit Town  
RaleighRochester City  
Ramsgate EstatesGates Town  
Ramsom HeightsRochester City  
RandazzoPenfield Town14526
RapidsRochester City  
RawlingswoodBrighton Town  
ReiblingRochester City  
Remington WoodsSweden Town  
Remington WoodsClarkson Town  
Renouf HeightsGates Town  
Revere FarmsWebster Town  
Rexford EstatesIrondequoit Town  
RichardsonOgden Town  
Richland EstatesGreece Town  
Richland GardensIrondequoit Town  
Ridge MeadowsGreece Town  
Ridgecrest AdditionIrondequoit Town  
Ridgedale ColonyGreece Town  
RidgelandHenrietta Town  
Ridgelea CourtGreece Town  
RidgemarGreece Town  
Ridgemont EstatesGreece Town  
Ridgemont ManorGreece Town  
Ridgemont VillasGreece Town  
RidgeportIrondequoit Town  
Ridgewood ManorGreece Town  
RidgewoodIrondequoit Town  
Rigney BluffGreece Town  
RileysRochester City  
River MeadowHenrietta Town  
Rivers RunHenrietta Town  
Riverside GardensBrighton Town  
RivertonHenrietta Town  
Riverview GardensChili Town  
Riverview HeightsHenrietta Town  
Robinhood AcresChili Town  
Rochester JunctionMendon Town  
RockhillBrighton Town  
Rogers EstatesIrondequoit Town  
Rogers Fruit FarmsIrondequoit Town  
Rolling AcresWheatland Town  
Rolling AcresOgden Town  
Rolling HillPerinton Town  
Rolling MeadowsParma Town  
Rolling PlainsMendon Town  
Roman EstatesIrondequoit Town  
RosecroftGreece Town  
RoselawnBrighton Town14618
Rowland HighlandsBrighton Town14618
Roxbury LanePittsford Town  
Royal CrestPenfield Town  
Royal MeadowsHenrietta Town  
Royal WoodsPenfield Town  
Rudman EstatesIrondequoit Town  
Rudman FarmsIrondequoit Town  
Rutland ParkIrondequoit Town  
Rutland ParkRochester City  
Saben SquareWebster Town  
Salmon Creek EstatesParma Town  
Sannita EstatesGreece Town  
Schaeffer TerraceRochester City  
SchneidersRochester City  
Scottsville HeightsWheatland Town  
Scottsville MeadowsWheatland Town  
ScottwoodGates Town  
SelyesRochester City  
Seneca ParkIrondequoit Town  
Seneca RidgeRochester City  
Seneca TerraceRochester City  
Shadow RidgeHenrietta Town  
ShadowbrookGreece Town  
Shelter CoveRiga Town  
SherwoodPittsford Town  
Shingle LandingIrondequoit Town  
Shipbuilders EstatesWebster Town  
Shire CourtPenfield Town14526
ShirewoodWebster Town  
Shoecraft FarmsWebster Town  
Shore AcresGreece Town  
ShorecliffGreece Town  
ShorewoodIrondequoit Town  
Short HillsParma Town  
Silco FarmsPittsford Town  
SilverwoodPenfield Town  
SkellyGates Town  
SmalleyPenfield Town14526
SomersetRochester City  
South BrooksRochester City  
South Marketview HeightsRochester City  
South View CommonsBrighton Town  
South View EstatesHenrietta Town  
South WedgeRochester City  
Southern HillsPerinton Town  
Southern ManorMendon Town  
Southridge EstatesGreece Town  
Spanish TrailOgden Town  
Spencer ParkIrondequoit Town  
Spring Creek EstatesGreece Town  
Spring ValleyChili Town  
Springbank HeightsChili Town  
SpringbrookChili Town  
Springside MeadowsHenrietta Town  
SquiredaleGreece Town  
St Josephs FarmHenrietta Town  
St KatherineClarkson Town14420
State Street Historic DistrictRochester City  
SterlingOgden Town  
StillmeadowPerinton Town  
Stone Hill EstatesHenrietta Town  
Stone Island FarmPenfield Town14526
Stone Ridge GardensGreece Town  
StonebridgeWebster Town  
StonecroftGreece Town  
Stonefield CommonsPittsford Town  
StonegateWebster Town  
StonehengePerinton Town  
StonewallPenfield Town14526
Stonewood ManorGreece Town  
Stoney CreekGreece Town  
Stony Point LandingWebster Town  
Stony Point WoodsOgden Town  
StrongRochester City  
Suburban HeightsHenrietta Town  
Sugar TreeClarkson Town14420
Summerville Fruit FarmsIrondequoit Town  
Summit GroveRochester City  
Summit KnollsWebster Town  
Summit OaksPittsford Town  
Suncrest AdditionIrondequoit Town  
Suncrest HeightsIrondequoit Town  
Sunny Stream ParkGreece Town  
SunnymedeBrighton Town14618
SunnysideBrighton Town  
Sunrise EstatesPittsford Town  
Sunrise VillageIrondequoit Town  
Sunset HillsWebster Town  
Sunset ValleyWebster Town  
Sunset ViewChili Town  
Surrey Hill CondosHenrietta Town  
Surrey HillMendon Town  
Susan B AnthonyRochester City  
Sutton Park CondosRochester City  
Sweden HillsSweden Town  
Sweden VillageSweden Town  
Sweets CornersPenfield Town  
Taylor's RisePittsford Town  
Tearose MeadowsClarkson Town14420
Thayer WoodsPerinton Town  
The EstatePittsford Town14618
The MooringsHenrietta Town  
The PreserveHenrietta Town  
The Ridings of MendonMendon Town  
The TudorsRochester City  
The Woods on Canal ParkGreece Town  
Thomas Creek EstatesPerinton Town  
Thomas Ford FarmIrondequoit Town  
ThurberRochester City  
Thurston Ave Home DRochester City  
Timber GlenPenfield Town14526
Timber RidgeOgden Town  
Titus EstatesIrondequoit Town  
Titus ViewIrondequoit Town  
Tobey EstatesPittsford Town  
TobinWebster Town  
TressmarGates Town  
Trout Spring FarmHenrietta Town  
True FarmsOgden Town  
Turk Hill EstatesPerinton Town  
Turret EstatesPenfield Town  
Turtle CreekParma Town  
Twelve CornersBrighton Town14618
UlrichRochester City  
Union StationChili Town  
University EstatesRochester City  
University HeightsRochester City  
University ParkMendon Town  
University ParkPittsford Town  
UplandsPerinton Town14534
Upper FallsRochester City  
Upper MonroeRochester City  
Upton ParkRochester City  
Valley BrookOgden Town  
Valley ViewPenfield Town14526
Valley ViewIrondequoit Town  
Versailles CircleMendon Town  
Village ManorWebster Town  
Village PinesOgden Town  
Village WalkOgden Town  
Villager CondosMendon Town  
Villas at Brandon WoodsSweden Town14420
Vinecrest EstatesPerinton Town  
VineyardRochester City  
Vintage WoodsGreece Town  
Virginia ManorGates Town  
WackermansRochester City  
Wadsworth SquareRochester City  
WadsworthRochester City  
Wagg FarmGreece Town  
WakefieldIrondequoit Town  
Wakelee FarmRochester City  
Walnut HillPittsford Town  
Waring FarmGates Town  
Warren ParkBrighton Town14618
Warren ParkBrighton Town  
Warwood ManorGreece Town  
WatersongPenfield Town14526
Wautoma BeachHamlin Town  
WebersRochester City  
Webster CommonsWebster Town  
Wedgewood EstatesClarkson Town  
Wedgewood ParkHenrietta Town  
WedgewoodPenfield Town14526
Wellington PondsChili Town  
Wells LandingRochester City  
Wentworth ParkWebster Town  
West BeachRochester City  
West Forest EstatesChili Town  
West Garden CrossingGates Town  
West HenriettaHenrietta Town  
West Hill EstatesParma Town  
West MewdowGreece Town  
West PuitneyRiga Town  
WestagePerinton Town  
Westbrook AcresSweden Town  
Westfall TownhomesRochester City  
WestfieldRochester City  
Westgate TerraceRochester City  
WestmorelandRochester City  
Westridge HeightsGreece Town  
Westside AcresChili Town  
Westside ManorSweden Town  
Westview CommonsGates Town  
Westwood ManorGreece Town  
WetmoresRochester City  
Whalen MeadowsPenfield Town14526
WhalenIrondequoit Town  
WhalensRochester City  
Wheatland CenterWheatland Town  
Wheatland MeadowsWheatland Town  
Whispering MeadowsMendon Town  
Whispering PinesGreece Town  
Whispering PinesOgden Town  
WhitbeckRochester City  
Whitley ForestWebster Town  
Whitney HighlandsPerinton Town  
Whitney MeadowsPerinton Town  
Whitney RidgePerinton Town  
WhitneyRochester City  
Wilder EstatesRochester City  
Wilder EstatesParma Town  
Wildherd HeightsHenrietta Town  
Wildwood HeightsGreece Town  
WilkinsRochester City  
WillmontRochester City  
Willow PondPenfield Town  
WillowbrookGreece Town  
WillowgateWebster Town  
Winans TerraceRochester City  
Windham HillMendon Town  
Winding WoodsIrondequoit Town  
Windsor SquarePenfield Town14526
Windsor VillageOgden Town  
WintergardenHenrietta Town  
Winton HeightsRochester City  
WintondaleRochester City  
Wisteria GrovePerinton Town  
Wood Run CommonsGreece Town  
WoodbridgeGreece Town  
Woodbury EstatesPenfield Town14526
WoodcliffPerinton Town  
Woodford GreenWebster Town  
WoodgateGates Town  
Woodhead FarmHenrietta Town  
Woodhill GardensGreece Town  
Woodland ChasePenfield Town14526
Woodland ChaseGreece Town  
Woodman Road GardensIrondequoit Town  
Woodridge EstatesMendon Town  
Woods at Round PondGreece Town  
Woods at Sable RidgeSweden Town  
WoodsideRochester City  
WoodsviewPerinton Town  
Wren FieldPittsford Town  
WyandaleRochester City  
Wyanoke SubnRochester City  
YacklonParma Town  
York EstatesMendon Town  
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