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Neighborhoods in
Randolph County North Carolina

Franklinville Historic DistrictFranklinville Town27248
Liberty Historic DistrictLiberty Town27298
Aldridge FarmsArchdale  
Allen Jay EstatesArchdale  
Allendale HeightsArchdale  
Amity AcresAsheboro City  
Amity HillsAsheboro City  
Artisan AcresArchdale  
Asheboro Country Club EstatesAsheboro City  
Ashleys WayLiberty Town  
Autumn WoodsTrinity City  
Back Creek HillsAsheboro City  
Back Street CourtRandleman City  
Balfour HeightsAsheboro City  
BeechwoodAsheboro City  
Bella EstatesFranklinville Town  
Belmont CondosArchdale  
Belmont CourtArchdale  
Belmont TownhousesArchdale  
Betty McGeeAsheboro City  
Bonita Woods EstatesAsheboro City  
Bonita WoodsAsheboro City  
Bradford DownsArchdale  
Brantley WoodsAsheboro City  
Breckenwood EstatesAsheboro City  
BriarcliffAsheboro City  
Bridge PointSophia  
Brighton VillageArchdale  
Brittany CourtRandleman City  
Brittany SquareArchdale  
Broadview AcresRandleman City  
BrookgreenTrinity City  
Brookridge ForestArchdale  
Brookwood AcresRandleman City  
Brookwood HeightsAsheboro City  
Brown OaksRandleman City  
BrownmireAsheboro City  
Brownstone HillsAsheboro City  
Cable Creek HillsAsheboro City  
Calclar AcresAsheboro City  
Candlewood EstatesAsheboro City  
Canterbury ForestArchdale  
Caraway EstatesSophia  
Carl S Hill FarmsSophia  
CarowoodAsheboro City  
Carraway HillsSophia  
Carrington HillsAsheboro City  
Cedar Fork CreekAsheboro City  
Cedar RunRandleman City  
CenterfieldLiberty Town  
Central Falls VillageAsheboro City  
Clear RidgeTrinity City  
Clear SpringsLiberty Town  
Coe PlaceArchdale  
Collett AcresTrinity City  
Collier CourtLiberty Town  
Columbia HeightsColeridge  
Country CoveRandleman City  
Country WalkRandleman City  
Courtland ParkArchdale  
Covington PlaceAsheboro City  
Craig HeightsArchdale  
CreekridgeStaley Town  
Creeks CrossingAsheboro City  
Creekside VillageArchdale  
Cummings FarmLiberty Town  
Darrow HillsRandleman City  
Daves MountainAsheboro City  
DayspringRandleman City  
DeatonLiberty Town  
Deerfield SouthRandleman City  
Deerworth AcresAsheboro City  
Dixieland AcresAsheboro City  
Dixon PlaceColeridge  
Dogwood AcresAsheboro City  
Dove MeadowsArchdale  
Dover HillsAsheboro City  
Downsfield MeadowsRandleman City  
Draycott ParkRandleman City  
Dylan PlaceSophia  
Eagle CreekTrinity City  
East Fork EstatesSeagrove Town  
East View HeightsFranklinville Town  
EastsideAsheboro City  
EastviewAsheboro City  
Eden RocAsheboro City  
EdgewoodAsheboro City  
Elkes Ridge EstatesArchdale  
Englewood ForestArchdale  
English Court CondosTrinity City  
Ethan DownsTrinity City  
Evans HeightsRandleman City  
Evergreen AcresTrinity City  
Fairfield EstatesArchdale  
Fairview AcresTrinity City  
Fairview FarmAsheboro City  
Faith MeadowsAsheboro City  
Farlow ParkAsheboro City  
FarmwoodAsheboro City  
FeatherstoneTrinity City  
FergusonLiberty Town  
Ferree-Wright AcreRandleman City  
Fiddlers CreekAsheboro City  
Finch Farm AcresTrinity City  
Finch VillageTrinity City  
Fogleman AcresLiberty Town  
Forest EstatesAsheboro City  
Forest HillsArchdale  
Forest HillsAsheboro City  
Forest ParkRandleman City  
Forest RidgeAsheboro City  
Foust AcresLiberty Town  
Fox CreekRandleman City  
Fox LandingRandleman City  
FoxwoodRandleman City  
Frazier ParkAsheboro City  
Gaddy PlaceTrinity City  
Galewood AcresLiberty Town  
Gillbert Davis EstatesSophia  
GlenviewAsheboro City  
Gold Hill EstatesAsheboro City  
Golden AcresAsheboro City  
Goldmine AcresAsheboro City  
Grantville AcresAsheboro City  
GrayoaksTrinity City  
Grays PlaceArchdale  
Great MeadowsLiberty Town  
Greenbriar HeightsAsheboro City  
GreeneLiberty Town  
Greenhaven HillsArchdale  
Greenwood HeightsRandleman City  
GreenwoodRandleman City  
Greystone TerraceAsheboro City  
GreystoneAsheboro City  
Hamac AcresAsheboro City  
Hamlet LakesAsheboro City  
Hamlin HeightsAsheboro City  
Hammer ParkAsheboro City  
Hampton WoodsAsheboro City  
Hayfield AcresAsheboro City  
Hearthwood at Sylvan GroveSophia  
Heatherwood AcresRandleman City  
Hedrick HillsSophia  
Heritage WestAsheboro City  
Hickory ForestAsheboro City  
Hidden MountainAsheboro City  
Hidden ValleyTrinity City  
High Knob MountainSeagrove Town  
Hillcrest AdditionAsheboro City  
Hilldale ParkeSophia  
Hillview HeightsSeagrove Town  
Hollingsworth PlaceSophia  
Hollow Hills AcresLiberty Town27298
Hollowridge EstatesSophia  
Holly GroveRandleman City  
Holly RidgeColeridge  
Homeland HeightsAsheboro City  
Homewood AcresTrinity City  
Humble Mill EstatesAsheboro City  
Humble RidgeAsheboro City  
Hunters CoveStaley Town  
Hunters CreekAsheboro City  
Hunters TraceTrinity City  
Hunters WoodsTrinity City  
Huntington RidgeTrinity City  
Indian CreekTrinity City  
Indian SpringsFranklinville Town  
Jackson Creek HillsTrinity City  
Jewell HeightsArchdale  
Johns RidgeAsheboro City  
Kamelot OakesRandleman City  
KamelotRandleman City  
Katie Brook VillageTrinity City  
Kersey AcresSophia  
Keyauwee ForestSophia  
Kimesville LakeLiberty Town  
Kingsfield ForestArchdale  
Kingsfield TownhomesArchdale  
Kynwood VillageTrinity City  
Ladell EstatesAsheboro City  
Lake CountryAsheboro City  
Lake Forest EstatesAsheboro City  
Lake Park EstatesSophia  
Lake Terrace ParkArchdale  
Lakewood ForestTrinity City  
Lancer AcresArchdale  
Larry McKenzieAsheboro City  
Laurelwood Club EstatesAsheboro City  
Laurelwood Hills SouthAsheboro City  
LaurelwoodAsheboro City  
LeesvilleTrinity City  
Legend HillsAsheboro City  
Legend ParkAsheboro City  
Liberty Court CondosArchdale  
Liberty ParkLiberty Town  
Lindley AcresLiberty Town  
Little River EstatesAsheboro City  
Lockhart ParkArchdale  
Low Bridge Road EstatesFranklinville Town  
Lukes PlaceLiberty Town  
MaconAsheboro City  
Mallard WoodsRandleman City  
Market SquareSophia  
MasseyTrinity City  
Meadowdale AcresAsheboro City  
MeadowsAsheboro City  
Mel-Bil HeightsArchdale  
Michfield WoodsAsheboro City  
Midway ParkRandleman City  
Mill Creek MeadowsAsheboro City  
Mill Creek MeadowsColeridge  
Mills AcresRandleman City  
MitchfieldAsheboro City  
Moffitt HeightsAsheboro City  
Morning Side ParkAsheboro City  
Mount Pleasant EstatesTrinity City  
Mountain Oak ViewAsheboro City  
Nance PlaceAsheboro City  
Naomi Mill VillageRandleman City  
Needams MountainSeagrove Town  
New SalemRandleman City  
North HillsAsheboro City  
North Randleman HeightsRandleman City  
North ShoreAsheboro City  
Northmont EstatesAsheboro City  
NorthwoodsRandleman City  
Oak ForestTrinity City  
Oak Hollow WestAsheboro City  
OakhurstAsheboro City  
Oakmont EstatesAsheboro City  
Oakwood AcresAsheboro City  
Old ForestAsheboro City  
Old Lexington SouthAsheboro City  
Olde Towne VillageAsheboro City  
Pardee AcresTrinity City  
Park Street TerraceAsheboro City  
Parkway SouthAsheboro City  
Peters Creek EstatesRandleman City  
Piedmont PinesAsheboro City  
Pilots View EstatesAsheboro City  
Pine LakesAsheboro City  
Pine MeadowsAsheboro City  
PinecrestRandleman City  
Pinecroft VillageAsheboro City  
Pineview EstatesSophia  
Pinewood Country ClubAsheboro City  
Piney Mountain EstatesAsheboro City  
Piney MountainAsheboro City  
Quail RidgeAsheboro City  
Quaker Lake VillageArchdale  
Randolph Hills EstatesArchdale  
Randolph MillsFranklinville Town  
RavenridgeAsheboro City  
Reavis AcresTrinity City  
Redding PlaceTrinity City  
Reed Creek FarmsColeridge  
Regency SquareAsheboro City  
RidgecreekTrinity City  
Ridgewood ForestAsheboro City  
River HeightsColeridge  
Rivermeade CondosArchdale  
RiveroaksRandleman City  
Riverside AcresTrinity City  
Riverview EstatesRamseur Town  
Riverview EstatesColeridge  
Robertson RidgeArchdale  
Robins NestArchdale  
Rollin HillsSeagrove Town  
Romela EstatesArchdale  
Rosemwald ParkLiberty Town  
Roxanna HillsArchdale  
Rush Hollow EstatesArchdale  
Rush HollowArchdale  
Rushwood ParkAsheboro City  
Saint Johns PointLiberty Town  
Salem HeightsAsheboro City  
Salem RidgeRandleman City  
Sandy RidgeLiberty Town  
Sassy RunLiberty Town  
Sawyer EstatesSophia  
Scenic AcresAsheboro City  
Shadydale AcresTrinity City  
Shamrock HillsAsheboro City  
Shamrock VillageArchdale  
Shannon HeightsAsheboro City  
Shannon WoodsTrinity City  
Sheffield AcresRandleman City  
Shepards VineyardAsheboro City  
Sherwood OaksAsheboro City  
Sherwood ParkAsheboro City  
Skyland ParkAsheboro City  
Smoke RiseColeridge  
Soapstone EstatesStaley Town  
South PointeRandleman City  
SouthwoodAsheboro City  
Spencer Lake DownsArchdale  
Spencer Lake EstatesArchdale  
Spring Brook MeadowsArchdale  
Spring HavenRandleman City  
Spring Hill AdditionAsheboro City  
Spring VillageAsheboro City  
Springfield OaksArchdale  
Springfield WoodsArchdale  
Squirrel Creek FarmsAsheboro City  
Steeds RunAsheboro City  
Steeple ViewRandleman City  
Steeplegate NorthTrinity City  
SteeplegateTrinity City  
Sterling RidgeArchdale  
StillhopeLiberty Town  
Stones ThrowTrinity City  
Stoney RidgeAsheboro City  
StoneybrookAsheboro City  
Sun Valley AcresAsheboro City  
Sunrise AcresAsheboro City  
Sunset HillsAsheboro City  
Sunset ParkAsheboro City  
Sykes MeadowsAsheboro City  
Sylvan HillsAsheboro City  
Tabernacle AcresAsheboro City  
Thayer PlantationTrinity City  
The CarawaysSophia  
Thomas GroveArchdale  
Three LakesAsheboro City  
Timber RidgeLiberty Town  
TimberlaneLiberty Town  
Tot Hill FarmsAsheboro City  
Townhomes at GreystoneAsheboro City  
Townhomes on MainAsheboro City  
Tremont ParkAsheboro City  
Trindale HeightsTrinity City  
Trinity HeightsTrinity City  
Turtle LakeRandleman City  
Twin OaksTrinity City  
Uwharrie TraceTrinity City  
Vance &Amp;Amp; Lee RobertsColeridge  
Viewmont EstatesAsheboro City  
Wagon ViewTrinity City  
Walnut RidgeLiberty Town  
Waterford VillasAsheboro City  
Waters EdgeArchdale  
Waynick MeadowsAsheboro City  
Wedgewood AcresAsheboro City  
WedgewoodRandleman City  
West Fork EstatesAsheboro City  
Westbrook CondosArchdale  
Westbury WoodsAsheboro City  
WestgateAsheboro City  
WestmontAsheboro City  
Weston WoodsArchdale  
Weston WoodsTrinity City  
WestridgeAsheboro City  
White EstatesTrinity City  
White Horse RunAsheboro City  
White OaksRandleman City  
White PinesSophia  
Whites LandingSophia  
Whitley Mountain View EstatesAsheboro City  
Whynot AcresSeagrove Town  
Wildwood HeightsArchdale  
WilliamscreekAsheboro City  
Willow OaksAsheboro City  
Willow RunSeagrove Town  
Willow SpringsAsheboro City  
Wilson WaySophia  
Winchester HeightsAsheboro City  
WinchesterTrinity City  
Windcrest AcresAsheboro City  
WindcrestAsheboro City  
Windemere HeightsTrinity City  
Windermere WestAsheboro City  
Winding WoodsAsheboro City  
Windsor Park NorthRandleman City  
Windsor ParkRandleman City  
Winningham FarmsAsheboro City  
Winningham ForestAsheboro City  
Wood AcresArchdale  
Wood HollowLiberty Town  
Wood MeadowsStaley Town  
Woodfield AcresRandleman City  
Woodland AcresAsheboro City  
Woodmere ParkAsheboro City  
WoodmereAsheboro City  
Woodridge CreeksAsheboro City  
Woodridge EstatesAsheboro City  
WoodstreamRandleman City  
Worth TerraceAsheboro City  
WorthvilleRandleman City  
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