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Neighborhoods in
Iredell County North Carolina

CedarcroftMooresville Town28115
Ferncliff EstatesMooresville Town28115
Mooresville Historic DistrictMooresville Town28115
Academy Hill Historic DistrictStatesville City28677
Alexanders KnollStatesville City28625
Angel OaksStatesville City28677
Barium Seasons VillageStatesville City28677
Celeste EstatesStatesville City28677
East Broad Street-Davie Avenue Historic DistrictStatesville City28677
Fox CreekStatesville City28625
Glen RidgeStatesville City28677
Lippard SpringsStatesville City28677
Mitchell College Historic DistrictStatesville City28677
South Race Street Historic DistrictStatesville City28677
Spring ForestStatesville City28625
Spring MeadowsStatesville City28677
Georgia Mills PlantationTroutman Town28166
Aberdeen VillageTroutman Town  
Alexander IslandMooresville Town  
Alexis LandingTroutman Town  
Allendale PointTroutman Town  
Allison ParkMooresville Town  
AmblesideStatesville City  
AnnistonMooresville Town  
Apple ValleyStatesville City  
Archers RidgeHarmony Town  
Argyle PlaceStatesville City  
Ashlyn CreekMooresville Town  
Audubon AcresStatesville City  
Augusta GreensStatesville City  
Autumn GroveMooresville Town  
Bay CrossingMooresville Town  
Baymount EstatesStatesville City  
Baymount MeadowsStatesville City  
Bayview EstatesMooresville Town  
Beacon PointeMooresville Town  
Beaver FarmStatesville City  
Beech Tree BayMooresville Town  
Beechtree ForestMooresville Town  
Bells CrossingMooresville Town  
BenningtonMooresville Town  
BeracahMooresville Town  
BerkshireStatesville City  
Bethany PlaceMooresville Town  
Beverly HeightsStatesville City  
Blackberry CreekMooresville Town  
Blueberry HillStatesville City  
Bonanza ParkMooresville Town  
Bradford AcresStatesville City  
Brady AcresStatesville City  
Brantley PlaceMooresville Town  
Briarcliff AcresStatesville City  
BridgeportMooresville Town  
Brittian HillsStatesville City  
Broad MeadowStatesville City  
Broadview AcresStatesville City  
Brook GlenMooresville Town  
BrookdaleStatesville City  
BrookgreenStatesville City  
BrookhavenMooresville Town  
Brookhollow EstatesStatesville City  
BrookhollowStatesville City  
BrookleafMooresville Town  
BrookmeadeStatesville City  
Brookridge ShoresMooresville Town  
BrooksideTroutman Town  
BrookviewMooresville Town  
Brookwood HillsStatesville City  
BrookwoodMooresville Town  
BroomsageStatesville City  
Buffalo CreekStatesville City  
Buffalo Shoals ParkStatesville City  
Byers CreekMooresville Town  
Caladium Point at Lake DavidsonMooresville Town  
Campbell GlenStatesville City  
CanterburyStatesville City  
Captains CoveTroutman Town  
Cardinal RidgeMooresville Town  
Carter MeadowsStatesville City  
Carter OaksStatesville City  
Carters FarmStatesville City  
CastlegateStatesville City  
Catalina RidgeMooresville Town  
CatspawStatesville City  
Cedar HillsStatesville City  
Cedar WoodTroutman Town  
Cedar WoodsMooresville Town  
Celtic RidgeStatesville City  
Chapel ForestSharon  
Cherry GroveMooresville Town  
Chesapeake PointeMooresville Town  
Cheshire RidgeHarmony Town  
ChestnutStatesville City  
Chipley ParkStatesville City  
Churchhill EstatesMooresville Town  
Collins ParkMooresville Town  
Commodore PeninsulaMooresville Town  
Compton ParkStatesville City  
Copper RidgeMooresville Town  
Cornelius EstatesMooresville Town  
Country Club EstatesStatesville City  
Country LandingStatesville City  
Country Life EstatesStatesville City  
Country WoodsStatesville City  
Cove View ParkMooresville Town  
Creeks EdgeMooresville Town  
CrestfieldStatesville City  
Crestview AcresStatesville City  
Cross CreekStatesville City  
Crown VueStatesville City  
Crystal BayMooresville Town  
Curtis PondMooresville Town  
Cypress AcresStatesville City  
Cypress LandingMooresville Town  
Dalwan HeightsStatesville City  
Danbury ForestStatesville City  
Davidson CreekMooresville Town  
Davidson DownesMooresville Town  
Davidson PointeMooresville Town  
Davidson WoodsStatesville City28677
Deer CreekStatesville City  
Deer CrossingStatesville City  
DeercroftStatesville City  
Deerfield EstatesStatesville City  
DeerwoodMooresville Town  
DellwoodStatesville City  
DevonshireMooresville Town  
Dogwood EstatesTroutman Town  
Dogwood HillsStatesville City  
Donaldson LandingMooresville Town  
DonsdaleStatesville City  
Doolie MeadowsMooresville Town  
Dove MeadowsStatesville City  
Druid HillsStatesville City  
Dupree EstatesMooresville Town  
Dutchman Creek EstatesHarmony Town  
EastbrookStatesville City  
Eastern HeightsTroutman Town  
Eastfield EstatesStatesville City  
EastoverStatesville City  
EastwoodStatesville City  
Edgewater ParkMooresville Town  
EdgewaterMooresville Town  
Emerald GreenMooresville Town  
English HillsMooresville Town  
Fair WindsStatesville City  
Fairmount FieldsStatesville City  
Fairview FarmsStatesville City  
Fairway EstatesMooresville Town  
Falls CoveTroutman Town  
Farmstead EstatesMooresville Town  
Farmview AcresStatesville City  
FawnwoodStatesville City  
Featherstone RidgeStatesville City  
FernbrookMooresville Town  
FernleafMooresville Town  
Flint RidgeStatesville City  
Forest AcresStatesville City  
Forest CreekStatesville City  
Forest GlenTroutman Town  
Forest HillsMooresville Town  
Forest HillsStatesville City  
Fort Dobbs FarmsStatesville City  
Four OaksMooresville Town  
Four SeasonsStatesville City  
Fox Den Country ClubStatesville City  
FoxfieldMooresville Town  
FoxmoorMooresville Town  
Franklin GroveMooresville Town  
Freeze CrossingMooresville Town  
Fulton HeightsStatesville City  
Gabriel EstatesMooresville Town  
Georgetown PlaceStatesville City  
Gibbs CoveMooresville Town  
Glen AcresOlin  
Glen EchoStatesville City  
GlynwaterMooresville Town  
Grace MeadowsMooresville Town  
Grand BayMooresville Town  
GrandviewStatesville City  
Gray Fox RidgeHarmony Town  
Grayrock ShoalsStatesville City  
Graystone MeadowsStatesville City  
Green AcresStatesville City  
Greenbay ForestMooresville Town  
Greenbriar FarmsStatesville City  
GreencrestStatesville City  
Greene CroftMooresville Town  
Grey RockStatesville City  
GreycliffMooresville Town  
Hallmark EstatesStatesville City  
Hampton GlenStatesville City  
Harbor CoveMooresville Town  
Harbor LandingMooresville Town  
Harbor PointMooresville Town  
Harbor ViewMooresville Town  
Harbor WatchStatesville City  
Harmony Country EstatesHarmony Town  
Harris CrossingMooresville Town  
Harris HillMooresville Town  
Harris VillageMooresville Town  
Hawks BayTroutman Town  
Hawks BayTroutman Town  
Hawks LandingTroutman Town  
HeronwoodStatesville City  
HeronwoodTroutman Town  
Hidden CoveMooresville Town  
High RidgeMooresville Town  
Highland AcresStatesville City  
Highland CrossingMooresville Town  
HillcrestStatesville City  
Holiday HarborMooresville Town  
Holly RidgeOlin  
Honeysuckle CreekMooresville Town  
Hunters RidgeStatesville City  
Huntington RidgeMooresville Town  
Huntington WoodsMooresville Town  
Huntwyck PlaceMooresville Town  
IdlewoodMooresville Town  
IdlewoodStatesville City  
Indian Hill EstatesMooresville Town  
Indian RidgeStatesville City  
InglewoodTroutman Town  
Iredell HeightsStatesville City  
Irma AcresStatesville City  
Jacobs WoodsTroutman Town  
Jacobs WoodsTroutman Town  
Jefferson LandingStatesville City  
Jo Monni AcresStatesville City  
Josh AcresMooresville Town  
Kelly CoveMooresville Town  
Kelly FarmsteadsTroutman Town  
Kerri PlantationMooresville Town  
Kings ForestMooresville Town  
Kings LandingMooresville Town  
KingswoodStatesville City  
Kistler MillMooresville Town  
Lake Hills EstatesMooresville Town  
Lake NormanMooresville Town  
Lake NormanTroutman Town  
Lake View EstatesMooresville Town  
Lake VistaMooresville Town  
LakeridgeStatesville City  
Lakeshore EstatesMooresville Town  
Lakeside ParkMooresville Town  
LakesideStatesville City  
Lakeview HeightsMooresville Town  
Lakeview ShoresMooresville Town  
Lakewood CrossingsMooresville Town  
Lakewood EstatesStatesville City  
LangtreeMooresville Town  
LansdowneStatesville City  
Larkin Sloan EstatesStatesville City  
Legacy VillageMooresville Town  
Lincoln EstatesStatesville City  
Linwood FarmsMooresville Town  
LochmereMooresville Town  
LongviewStatesville City  
Love ValleyStatesville City  
Magic ForestTroutman Town  
Magnolia BaysMooresville Town  
Magnolia GlenStatesville City  
Malibu PointeMooresville Town  
Mallard HeadMooresville Town  
Maple CreekStatesville City  
Margroll AcresStatesville City  
Marietta OverlookMooresville Town  
Marina VillageMooresville Town  
Marthas RidgeStatesville City  
Marthas VineyardTroutman Town  
McCrary WoodsMooresville Town  
Meadow GlenTroutman Town  
Meadow OaksStatesville City  
MeadowbrookMooresville Town  
Meadowview AcresStatesville City  
Mills ForestMooresville Town  
Mills PondMooresville Town  
Millswood PlaceMooresville Town  
Mitchell AireStatesville City  
Monterey LandingMooresville Town  
Monticello HeightsStatesville City  
Mooreland EstatesMooresville Town  
Mooresville StationMooresville Town  
Moreland EstatesMooresville Town  
Morgan LandingMooresville Town  
Morrison CoveMooresville Town28117
Morrison PlantationMooresville Town28117
Morrison PointTroutman Town28166
Morrow MeadowsStatesville City  
Mountain Road VillageStatesville City  
Mountain View EstatesStatesville City  
Mt Bethel EstatesHarmony Town  
MuirfieldMooresville Town  
Murdock FarmsTroutman Town  
Nautical PointMooresville Town  
Nelly Green EstatesStatesville City  
New Salem EstatesStatesville City  
Newton PlaceMooresville Town  
Norman ShoresMooresville Town  
Norman WoodsMooresville Town  
North CrossingStatesville City  
North ShoreMooresville Town  
NorthbridgeMooresville Town  
NorthgateMooresville Town  
Northington WoodsMooresville Town  
NorthlakeStatesville City  
NorthmontStatesville City  
NorthshoreMooresville Town  
NorthwoodMooresville Town  
OakbrookMooresville Town  
OakcreekStatesville City  
Oakland HeightsStatesville City  
OaklandStatesville City  
Oaks at BrookgreenStatesville City  
Oaks On MainMooresville Town  
Old BridgeStatesville City  
Old FarmStatesville City  
Olde StatesvilleStatesville City  
Padgett FarmsOlin  
Palos Verde EstatesMooresville Town  
Park GroveStatesville City  
Park PlaceStatesville City  
ParkstoneTroutman Town  
Patternote CoveMooresville Town  
Pear Tree EstatesStatesville City  
Pecan HillsMooresville Town  
Perry HeightsStatesville City  
Perry HeightsTroutman Town  
Pheasant RunTroutman Town  
Pine ForestStatesville City  
Pine IsleMooresville Town  
Pine Knoll PointeMooresville Town  
PinecrestStatesville City  
Pinehurst ForestStatesville City  
Piney OaksStatesville City  
Pinnacle ShoresMooresville Town  
Pirates CoveMooresville Town  
Point of ViewMooresville Town  
Pond LaneMooresville Town  
Poplar GroveMooresville Town  
Poplar RidgeStatesville City  
Powder Spring CreekTroutman Town  
Quail HollowTroutman Town  
Quail RidgeStatesville City  
Queens CoveMooresville Town  
Ramsey RidgeSharon  
RavenwoodStatesville City  
Rayon ParkStatesville City  
Red Chimney MeadowsStatesville City  
Red OaksMooresville Town  
Reed CreekMooresville Town  
RidgecliffStatesville City  
RidgecrestStatesville City  
Ridgewest EstatesStatesville City  
RidgewoodStatesville City  
River Hills EstatesStatesville City  
River OaksStatesville City  
RivergreenStatesville City  
RiverwalkStatesville City  
Rocky Creek CoveTroutman Town  
Rocky River EstatesMooresville Town  
Rolling HillsStatesville City  
RoselandMooresville Town  
Royal PointeMooresville Town  
SaddlegateHarmony Town  
Sage ForestStatesville City  
SagefieldHarmony Town  
Sailors LairMooresville Town  
Sarahs CreekTroutman Town  
Seven OaksStatesville City  
Seven SpringsStatesville City  
Shadow Wood EstatesStatesville City  
Shady CoveTroutman Town  
Shannon AcresStatesville City  
Sharon ColonyStatesville City  
Sharon TraceStatesville City  
Shavenders BluffMooresville Town  
Sheffield AcresHarmony Town  
Sheffield FarmsHarmony Town  
Shenandoah EstatesStatesville City  
Shepherds BluffMooresville Town  
Sherman OaksMooresville Town  
SherwoodStatesville City  
Shinnville RidgeMooresville Town  
SkylandStatesville City  
South TraceTroutman Town  
SouthpointeMooresville Town  
SouthwoodMooresville Town  
Spicewood AcresTroutman Town  
Spring AcresMooresville Town  
Spring HillsHarmony Town  
Spring ShoreStatesville City  
SpringfieldMooresville Town  
Stafford EstatesStatesville City  
StaffordMooresville Town  
StarmountStatesville City  
Steeple GateMooresville Town  
Sterling OaksStatesville City  
Stewart AcresStatesville City  
StillwaterTroutman Town  
Stone CreekStatesville City  
Stonebridge EstatesStatesville City  
Stones EdgeStatesville City  
Stoney RidgeMooresville Town  
Stutts CoveMooresville Town  
Suburban AcresStatesville City  
SummerchaseMooresville Town  
SummertreeTroutman Town  
SunbrookStatesville City  
SundownMooresville Town  
SunnydaleStatesville City  
Sunridge PlaceMooresville Town  
Sunrise HillsStatesville City  
Sunset BayTroutman Town  
Sunset VillageStatesville City  
Surfside EstatesMooresville Town  
Swann CrossingStatesville City  
Tall OaksMooresville Town  
Talley RidgeTroutman Town  
Taras TraceStatesville City  
Teeter Farms EstatesMooresville Town  
Templeton BayMooresville Town  
The Highlands at Maple CreekStatesville City  
The HighlandsStatesville City  
The Reserve at Deer CrossingStatesville City  
The ReserveMooresville Town  
The Villages at Oak TreeMooresville Town  
Three OaksStatesville City  
Timber CreekMooresville Town  
TimberviewMooresville Town  
Top of The LakeStatesville City  
Treebark AcresStatesville City  
TremountTroutman Town  
Troutman TraceStatesville City  
Tuskarora PointMooresville Town  
Twin Creek EstatesTroutman Town  
Underhill VillageMooresville Town  
Valley StreamStatesville City  
ValleybrookStatesville City  
Village On The ParkMooresville Town  
Village PointStatesville City  
Villages at Isle of PinesMooresville Town28117
Vista BluffMooresville Town  
Walden RidgeMooresville Town  
Washam PointMooresville Town  
Water OakMooresville Town  
WaterlynMooresville Town  
Waters EdgeMooresville Town  
Waterside LandingMooresville Town  
Watertree LandingMooresville Town  
Watson FarmsStatesville City  
Wayside EstatesStatesville City  
WellesleyMooresville Town  
WendoverStatesville City  
Wesley HeightsStatesville City  
West ViewMooresville Town  
West ViewStatesville City  
West ViewMooresville Town  
WestoverStatesville City  
WestwindsTroutman Town  
WestwoodStatesville City  
WheatfieldStatesville City  
WheatfieldTroutman Town  
Whippoorwill WoodsMooresville Town  
Whispering OaksMooresville Town  
Whispering PinesStatesville City  
White OaksMooresville Town  
Wildlife BayTroutman Town  
Wildwood AcresMooresville Town  
Wildwood CoveMooresville Town  
Wildwood ParkStatesville City  
Williams SubdivisionMooresville Town  
WilliamsburgMooresville Town  
WillowbrookStatesville City  
Wiltshire CreekTroutman Town  
WinborneMooresville Town  
WindemereStatesville City  
WindemereTroutman Town  
Winding ForestTroutman Town  
Windsor WoodsMooresville Town  
Windstone CrossingTroutman Town  
Windward PointeMooresville Town  
WindwardMooresville Town  
Windy Hill AcresStatesville City  
Winslow BayMooresville Town  
Winthrow Creek FarmMooresville Town  
Wood Bridge EstatesStatesville City  
Wood Rose ParkStatesville City  
Woodburn CrossingMooresville Town  
WoodburnMooresville Town  
WoodhavenStatesville City  
Woodland AcresStatesville City  
Woodland HillsMooresville Town  
WoodlawnStatesville City  
WoodleafMooresville Town  
WoodmooreMooresville Town  
Woodside ParkStatesville City  
Woodstream EstatesMooresville Town  
Wyndham ShoresMooresville Town  
Yacht CoveMooresville Town  
Yacht HarborMooresville Town  
Yacht ShoresMooresville Town  
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