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Neighborhoods in
Fayette County Kentucky

Chevy ChaseLexington City40502
Andover EstatesLexington City40509
Andover ForestLexington City40509
Andover GreenLexington City  
Andover HillsLexington City40509
Andover ParkLexington City  
Arcadia ParkLexington City  
AshbrookeLexington City  
Ashby GlenLexington City  
Ashford OaksLexington City  
Ashland ParkLexington City40502
Ashland ParkLexington City40502
AshmoorLexington City40515
Autumn RidgeLexington City40509
Aylesford Historic DistrictLexington City  
BainbridgeLexington City40509
BanburyLexington City  
Beaumont GardensLexington City  
Beaumont ReserveLexington City40513
Beaumont SanctuaryLexington City40513
Bel MarLexington City40515
Bell Court Historic DistrictLexington City  
Belleau WoodLexington City40517
BellemeadeLexington City  
Belmont FarmsLexington City40511
Bent TreeLexington City  
BlackfordLexington City40509
Bluegrass WIlkesLexington City40505
Boston WoodsLexington City40514
Bradford ColonyLexington City40515
Briar HillLexington City  
BrigadoonLexington City40517
Brighton EastLexington City40509
Brighton WoodsLexington City  
BroadviewLexington City  
Brookfield ChaseLexington City40511
BrookhavenLexington City40502, 40503
Bryant Oak PlaceLexington City  
Cadentown Historic DistrictLexington City  
CamelotLexington City  
Campus DownsLexington City  
CanterfieldLexington City  
CapistranoLexington City  
Cardinal ValleyLexington City  
Carolina PlaceLexington City  
Carriage LaneLexington City  
CastlegateLexington City40502
Cave HillLexington City  
Century HillLexington City  
Charleston WoodsLexington City  
Chase PlaceLexington City  
Chatham VillageLexington City  
Chelsea WoodsLexington City  
ChilesburgLexington City  
Citation PointeLexington City  
Citation VillageLexington City  
Clemens HeightsLexington City  
CobblestoneLexington City  
Coldstream StationLexington City  
Constitution Historic DistrictLexington City  
Continental TowersLexington City  
Copper TraceLexington City  
CopperfieldLexington City  
Cottage GroveLexington City  
Courtney CommonsLexington City  
Cove LakeLexington City  
CoventryLexington City  
Creekside at AndoverLexington City  
CumberlandLexington City  
Danby CornersLexington City  
Danby WoodsLexington City  
Darby CreekLexington City  
Deep SpringsLexington City  
DeepwoodLexington City  
DeerfieldLexington City  
Derby EstatesLexington City  
DevondaleLexington City  
Dixie PlantationLexington City  
Dogwood TraceLexington City  
Douglas HeightsLexington City  
Dove CreekLexington City  
Druid HillLexington City  
East HillsLexington City  
EastbrookLexington City  
EastlandLexington City  
EdgewaterLexington City  
Elkhorn ParkLexington City  
Ellerslie at DelongLexington City40515
Elsmere Park Historic DistrictLexington City  
Emerson WoodsLexington City  
Enclave at Andover EstatesLexington City  
Equestrian ViewLexington City  
FairhavenLexington City  
FairviewLexington City  
Fairways at LakesideLexington City  
Fayette Park Historic DistrictLexington City  
FirebrookLexington City40513
Foleys GlenLexington City  
Foleys LandingLexington City  
Forest HillLexington City  
Forest RidgeLexington City  
Fortune HillLexington City  
Four PinesLexington City  
Fox HarbourLexington City  
GaineswayLexington City  
Garden MeadowsLexington City  
Garden SpringsLexington City40504
GardensideLexington City40504
GatewoodLexington City40517
Gibson ParkLexington City  
GlasfordLexington City40515
Glen CreekLexington City40517
GlendoverLexington City40502
GleneaglesLexington City40509
Glennlake EstatesLexington City40516
Glens at Greendale VillageLexington City40511
GrasmereLexington City  
Gratz Park Historic DistrictLexington City  
Great AcresLexington City40511
Green AcresLexington City40511
GreenbrierLexington City40509
GreendaleLexington City  
Hanover TowersLexington City40502
Harrods HillLexington City40513
Harrods PointLexington City40514
Harrods ViewLexington City40513
Harrodsburg SquareLexington City  
Hartland EstatesLexington City40515
Hartland GardensLexington City  
Hartland ParksideLexington City  
Hartland WoodsLexington City  
Headley GreenLexington City  
HeatherwoodLexington City  
Heritage PlaceLexington City  
HermitageLexington City  
Hi AcresLexington City  
Hidden LakeLexington City40516
Hidden SpringsLexington City  
HighlandsLexington City  
HighlawnLexington City  
HillndaleLexington City  
Hinda HeightsLexington City  
Holiday HillsLexington City  
Hollow CreekLexington City  
HollywoodLexington City  
Hunters PointLexington City  
Hunting HillsLexington City  
HuntingtonLexington City  
Indian HillsLexington City40324
Kennedy LandingLexington City  
KenwickLexington City  
KillingtonLexington City  
KingstonLexington City  
Konner WoodsLexington City  
LafayetteLexington City  
Lake CrossingLexington City  
LakewoodLexington City40502
Lancaster WoodsLexington City  
Lansdowne HeightsLexington City  
Leisure CreekLexington City  
Lex ManorLexington City  
Liberty HeightsLexington City  
Liberty HillLexington City  
Liberty WoodsLexington City  
Longleaf PlaceLexington City  
Lynn GroveLexington City  
Magnolia RunLexington City  
Manowar VillageLexington City  
Mapleleaf SquareLexington City  
MarehavenLexington City  
MarlboroLexington City  
McAtee RunLexington City  
McConnell TraceLexington City  
Meadow CreekLexington City  
MeadowsLexington City  
MeadowthorpeLexington City  
Melody VillageLexington City  
MelroseLexington City  
MontclairLexington City  
MonticelloLexington City  
Mt Tabor HeightsLexington City  
Mt VernonLexington City  
Mulberry Hill Historic DistrictLexington City  
Newtown SpringsLexington City  
North PointLexington City  
NorthwoodLexington City  
OaksLexington City  
OakwoodLexington City  
Olde BridgeLexington City  
Open GatesLexington City  
Palomar GladeLexington City  
Palomar ReserveLexington City  
Park HillsLexington City  
Park Place Historic DistrictLexington City  
Parkers LandingLexington City  
Parkside at MastersoLexington City  
Pasadena PointeLexington City  
Pasadena WoodsLexington City  
PatchenLexington City  
PenmokenLexington City  
Pensacola ParkLexington City40503
Pera PlaceLexington City  
PickwayLexington City40515
Pine MeadowsLexington City  
PinecrestLexington City40514
PinehurstLexington City40505
PinnacleLexington City40515
Plantation TerraceLexington City  
Pleasant RidgeLexington City  
PralltownLexington City  
Quail RunLexington City40513
Rabbit RunLexington City40503
RadcliffeLexington City40505
Rain GardenLexington City40511
Raven CreekLexington City  
Raven Ridge EstatesLexington City  
Rebel HeightsLexington City  
Regency PointeLexington City40503
Reserve at GreenbrierLexington City  
Revere RunLexington City  
River ParkLexington City  
RobinwoodLexington City  
Rolling HillLexington City  
RookwoodLexington City  
RosecrestLexington City  
RosemontLexington City  
RosewoodLexington City  
Saddle ClubLexington City  
Saddlecreek EstatesLexington City  
Seven Parks Historic DistrictLexington City  
ShadelandLexington City40502
Shadow WoodLexington City  
Shady HillsLexington City  
ShadybrookLexington City  
Signature EstatesLexington City  
SkycrestLexington City  
South Hill Historic DistrictLexington City  
SouthlandLexington City  
SouthpointLexington City  
SpindletopLexington City  
Spring MeadowLexington City  
Spring ValleyLexington City  
SpringlakeLexington City  
Squire AcresLexington City  
Squire WoodsLexington City  
St Martin VillageLexington City  
Still MeadowsLexington City  
Stone CreekLexington City  
StonewallLexington City  
StoneybrookLexington City  
Stuart HallLexington City  
SummerfieldLexington City  
SummerhillLexington City  
Sunset EstatesLexington City  
Tabor OaksLexington City  
Tahoma TerraceLexington City  
TanbarkLexington City  
TatesbrookLexington City  
The ColonyLexington City  
The GrangeLexington City  
The IslandLexington City40502
The Lakes EdgeLexington City  
The OaksLexington City  
The Reserve at Newtown SpringsLexington City  
The ShetlandsLexington City  
The TraditionLexington City  
The VineyardLexington City  
The WoodsLexington City  
Thoroughbred AcresLexington City  
Timber CreekLexington City  
Todds StationLexington City40509
Townley ParkLexington City  
TurkeyfootLexington City  
TuscanyLexington City  
Twin OaksLexington City  
Viley HeightsLexington City  
Village at Tates CreekLexington City  
Walden GroveLexington City  
Waller PlaceLexington City  
Walnut CreekLexington City  
Walnut Grove EstatesLexington City40509
Walnut Hill ClubLexington City  
Warrenton WoodsLexington City  
Washington TerraceLexington City  
Waveland EstatesLexington City  
Wellesley HeightsLexington City  
Wellington GreenLexington City  
West WindLexington City  
Western Suburb Historic DistrictLexington City  
WestgateLexington City  
WestmorlandLexington City  
WestwoodLexington City  
Wilhite ParkLexington City  
Williamsburg EstatesLexington City  
Willow BendLexington City  
Willow GlenLexington City  
Willow OakLexington City  
WinamereLexington City  
Winburn EstatesLexington City  
Wolf RunLexington City  
WoodfieldLexington City  
WoodhillLexington City  
Woodland ParkLexington City  
WoodspointLexington City  
Woodward Heights Historic DistrictLexington City  
Wyndham DownsLexington City  
Wyndham HillsLexington City  
Wyndham MeadowsLexington City  
Wyndham RidgeLexington City  
ZandaleLexington City  
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