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Neighborhoods in
Tippecanoe County Indiana

Centennial Historic DistrictLafayette City47901
Ellsworth Historic DistrictLafayette City47901
Highland Park Historic DistrictLafayette City47901
Hilltop Historic DistrictLafayette City47905
Jefferson Historic DistrictLafayette City47904
Ninth Street Hill Historic DistrictLafayette City47901
Park Mary Historic DistrictLafayette City47904
Perrin Historic DistrictLafayette City47904
St Marys Historic DistrictLafayette City47901
Hills and Dales Historic DistrictWest Lafayette City47906
AbbingdonWest Lafayette City  
Abbington FarmsLafayette City  
AdlersLafayette City  
Amberleigh VillageWest Lafayette City  
AmberleighWest Lafayette City  
Amelia StationLafayette City  
AndersonLafayette City  
AppleridgeWest Lafayette City  
Arbor ChaseWest Lafayette City  
Arbor SpringsLafayette City  
Arlington CommonsLafayette City  
ArmansLafayette City  
Ashton WoodsLafayette City  
Avalon BluffLafayette City  
AvondaleWest Lafayette City  
AvondaleWest Lafayette City  
Bar Barry HeightsWest Lafayette City  
BarbarryWest Lafayette City  
Belle-AireWest Lafayette City  
BelmontLafayette City  
Benjamin CrossingLafayette City  
Blackbird FarmsWest Lafayette City  
Blackbird FarmsWest Lafayette City  
BlackbirdWest Lafayette City  
BlackthorneWest Lafayette City  
Bridge MillLafayette City  
Bridle BrookWest Lafayette City  
BridlewoodLafayette City  
Brindon WoodsWest Lafayette City  
Bristol ParkLafayette City  
Brittany ChaseLafayette City  
Brookfield FarmLafayette City  
Brookfield HeightsLafayette City  
BrookfieldLafayette City  
BrookwoodLafayette City  
Buck RidgeLafayette City  
BuckinghamLafayette City  
Butler MeadowsLafayette City  
CamelbackWest Lafayette City  
CamelotLafayette City  
CapilanoWest Lafayette City  
Carriage EstatesWest Lafayette City  
CarringtonWest Lafayette City  
CassensWest Lafayette City  
CastleridgeWest Lafayette City  
CatherwoodWest Lafayette City  
CattersonWest Lafayette City  
CobblestoneLafayette City  
Colony PinesWest Lafayette City  
Columbia ParkLafayette City  
CornerstoneLafayette City  
Country Club HeightsLafayette City  
Coventry GlenLafayette City  
CoxLafayette City  
CreeksideLafayette City  
CrestviewLafayette City  
Croxton WoodsLafayette City  
Deer RunLafayette City  
Deerfield FarmsDayton Town  
DeerfieldDayton Town  
Downtown Historic DistrictLafayette City  
Eagles NestLafayette City  
EarlhurstLafayette City  
EastwichLafayette City  
EckmanLafayette City  
EdgeleaLafayette City  
Ellsworth-RomigLafayette City  
EllsworthLafayette City  
EnsmingersLafayette City  
Fair ParkLafayette City  
FarmingtonLafayette City  
FiddlesticksLafayette City  
Fink MeadowsLafayette City  
Flint CreekLafayette City  
FloydmannsLafayette City  
Forest RidgeWest Lafayette City  
Fox ChaseLafayette City  
FoxwoodLafayette City  
French QuarterLafayette City  
Glenwood HeightsWest Lafayette City  
Glenwood HeightsWest Lafayette City  
Glenwood MeadowWest Lafayette City  
GrandvilleLafayette City  
Gray MareLafayette City  
Green MeadowsWest Lafayette City  
GreenbrierLafayette City  
GreentreeWest Lafayette City  
Hadley MoorsWest Lafayette City  
Haggerty HollowLafayette City  
HannaLafayette City  
HanoverLafayette City  
Happy HollowWest Lafayette City  
Happy HollowWest Lafayette City  
Harrison HighlandsWest Lafayette City  
HartLafayette City  
Hartman RidgeWest Lafayette City  
Hawks NestWest Lafayette City  
HedgewoodLafayette City47904
HedgewoodLafayette City  
Heron BayLafayette City  
Hickory HollowLafayette City  
Hickory HollowWest Lafayette City  
Hickory RidgeLafayette City  
Highland MeadowLafayette City  
Highland ParkLafayette City  
Hillcrest HeightsLafayette City  
Hillside VillasLafayette City  
HollowaysLafayette City  
Hunters CrestLafayette City  
Huntington FarmWest Lafayette City  
Huntleigh EstatesLafayette City  
HuntleighLafayette City  
Huston RidgeLafayette City  
Indian MeadowsWest Lafayette City  
Indian VillageWest Lafayette City  
IndianbrookLafayette City  
Jesco HillsLafayette City  
Julius SpringsLafayette City  
Justice AdditionLafayette City  
KerkhoffWest Lafayette City  
KerlinsWest Lafayette City  
Kimberly EstatesWest Lafayette City  
KimberlyWest Lafayette City  
Kings RidgeLafayette City  
Kingston MeadowWest Lafayette City  
KingswoodWest Lafayette City  
Kirkridge BluffLafayette City  
Lafaye HeightsWest Lafayette City  
LakeshoreWest Lafayette City  
Lantern HillsLafayette City  
Lauren LakesWest Lafayette City  
Lexington FarmsLafayette City  
LexingtonLafayette City  
Lilly MayLafayette City  
LincolnLafayette City  
LindaleLafayette City  
Lindberg VillageWest Lafayette City  
LockwoodLafayette City  
MaplewoodLafayette City  
Masons RidgeLafayette City  
Mayflower MillLafayette City  
McAllisterLafayette City  
McCutcheon HeightsLafayette City  
Meadow RidgeLafayette City  
MeadowbrookLafayette City  
Mill CreekLafayette City  
Mill CreekWest Lafayette City  
MillcreekLafayette City  
MononLafayette City  
Mystic WoodsWest Lafayette City  
NeubauersLafayette City  
New ChaunceyWest Lafayette City  
North ParkLafayette City  
NorthbrookLafayette City  
Northfork WoodsLafayette City  
NorthridgeLafayette City  
Northwestern HeightsWest Lafayette City  
NorthwoodWest Lafayette City  
OakhurstWest Lafayette City  
OaklandLafayette City  
Old Romney HeightsLafayette City  
Orchard HeightsLafayette City  
Orths AdditionLafayette City  
Perrins AdditionLafayette City  
Pine MeadowsWest Lafayette City  
Pineview FarmsWest Lafayette City  
PineviewWest Lafayette City  
Pipers GlenLafayette City  
Plaza ParkWest Lafayette City47906
Polo FieldsLafayette City  
Potters HollowLafayette City  
Prairie OaksLafayette City  
Prestwick ManorDayton Town  
Prophets RidgeWest Lafayette City  
Raineybrook BayLafayette City  
Raineybrook EstatesLafayette City  
RavenswoodLafayette City  
Red OaksLafayette City  
RidgeviewLafayette City  
RidgewoodWest Lafayette City  
RigbysLafayette City  
Riverside HeightsWest Lafayette City  
RiverviewWest Lafayette City  
RobindaleWest Lafayette City  
RobinwoodLafayette City  
RochestersLafayette City  
Rolling HillsLafayette City  
Romney RunLafayette City  
Rutan RidgeLafayette City  
SaddlebrookLafayette City  
Sagamore PinesWest Lafayette City  
Sagamore PointeWest Lafayette City  
SanctuaryLafayette City  
Sawmill RunLafayette City  
ShagbarkWest Lafayette City  
Shawnee RidgeWest Lafayette City  
SheffieldLafayette City  
Shelby AcresWest Lafayette City  
Sherwood ForestWest Lafayette City  
South Ninth Street Historic DistrictLafayette City  
South Sixth Street Historic DistrictLafayette City  
South Third Street Historic DistrictLafayette City  
SouthavenLafayette City  
SouthernviewLafayette City  
SouthlandLafayette City  
SouthleaLafayette City  
SouthworthWest Lafayette City  
Squires ArborWest Lafayette City  
St LawrenceLafayette City  
Stacey HollowLafayette City  
Stanfield RidgeWest Lafayette City  
Sterling HeightsLafayette City  
StingleysWest Lafayette City  
StonebridgeWest Lafayette City  
StonehengeWest Lafayette City  
Stones CrossingLafayette City  
Stratford GlenLafayette City  
Sullivan FarmLafayette City  
Sunset RidgeLafayette City  
SweetbriarLafayette City  
Sycamore RidgeLafayette City  
TecumsehLafayette City  
The CommonsLafayette City  
The GreensWest Lafayette City  
The LandingsLafayette City  
The OrchardWest Lafayette City  
The ReservesLafayette City  
The Villas at CascadaLafayette City  
ThornhillLafayette City  
Timber RidgeLafayette City  
TimbercrestWest Lafayette City  
TimberhouseLafayette City  
TorchwoodLafayette City  
Tranquil RidgeLafayette City  
Treblevale EstatesWest Lafayette City  
Treece MeadowsLafayette City  
Triple JLafayette City  
Twin OaksLafayette City  
TwykenhamLafayette City  
University FarmWest Lafayette City  
Upper Main Street Historic DistrictLafayette City  
VineyardsLafayette City  
Vinton HighlandsLafayette City  
VintonLafayette City  
WabachLafayette City  
Wabash GardensWest Lafayette City  
Wabash ShoresWest Lafayette City  
Wabash ShoresWest Lafayette City  
Wake RobinWest Lafayette City  
Walnut RidgeLafayette City  
WaterstoneLafayette City  
Watkins GlenLafayette City  
WattsWest Lafayette City  
Wea HomesLafayette City  
Wea OaksLafayette City  
WeathersfieldLafayette City  
WentworthLafayette City  
WestportWest Lafayette City  
WestportWest Lafayette City  
WestridgeWest Lafayette City  
WhidbyLafayette City  
Whispering WindLafayette City  
Wildcat RidgeLafayette City  
Wildcat ValleyLafayette City  
WilsonLafayette City  
Winding CreekWest Lafayette City  
Wm VaughansLafayette City  
Woodcliff AcresLafayette City  
Woodfield VillageLafayette City  
WoodfieldLafayette City  
WoodfieldWest Lafayette City  
WoodridgeLafayette City  
Wyndham TraceWest Lafayette City  
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