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Neighborhoods in
Peoria County Illinois

Abby CreekEdwards  
AikiensPeoria City  
Airport HeightsPeoria City  
Alta GardensPeoria City  
Altamont ParkPeoria City  
Ancient OaksPeoria City  
Arbor DistrictPeoria City  
Arcadia PlacePeoria City  
Armstrong PlacePeoria City  
ArmstrongPeoria Heights Village61606
Ashton ParkChillicothe City  
Attingham ParkDunlap Village  
AttinghamPeoria City  
AubburndalePeoria City  
Augusta EstatesDunlap Village  
Augusta EstatesPeoria City  
Autumn OaksMapleton Village  
AveryvillePeoria City  
Avion RidgeBartonville Village  
BaileysPeoria City  
BarronsGlasford Village  
BartonsBartonville Village  
BassettBartonville Village  
BastoneroPeoria City  
BeckersBartonville Village  
Beckman PlaceBartonville Village  
Bellevue AcresBellevue Village  
Bellevue AcresPeoria City  
Bellevue HeightsBellevue Village  
Bennett VillasPeoria City  
Bennington ParkDunlap Village  
Benton RidgePeoria City  
Berkshire EsatesEdwards  
BevalonPeoria City  
BevalonPeoria City  
Beverly HillsBartonville Village  
Bigelow PlacePeoria City  
Biltmore HeightsPeoria City  
BiltmorePeoria City  
BirketsPeoria City  
Bismark PlacePeoria City  
Bloom's AdditionPeoria City  
BohnetsPeoria City  
Boulevard AdditionPeoria Heights Village61616
BournedalePeoria City  
Brae HillsBartonville Village  
BreckenridgeDunlap Village  
BrehmsPeoria City  
BriardalePeoria City  
BriardalePeoria City  
Broadmoor HeightsBartonville Village  
Broadsbeeks Chillicothe City  
BrookcrestPeoria City  
BrookviewPeoria City  
BunnsPeoria City  
Burton GeigerPeoria City  
BurtonsPeoria City  
Busmark PlacePeoria City  
Butlers AdditionPeoria City  
Cameron Lake EstatesMapleton Village  
Cardon ManorDunlap Village  
Cassell HeightsPeoria City  
CattonPeoria City  
Cedar Bluff EstatesDunlap Village  
Cedar BluffsDunlap Village  
Cedarwood CoveBartonville Village  
CentennialKickapoo Twp  
Center BluffPeoria City  
Chadwick EstatesPeoria City  
Chadwick PlacePeoria City  
Chadwick PlacePeoria City  
ChadwickPeoria City  
ChamonixPeoria City61614
Chapel HillPeoria City  
Chapel ParkPeoria City  
Charter Oak VillagePeoria City  
Chateau ChambordPeoria City  
Chateau RichelieuPeoria City  
Chateau TourainePeoria City  
Chester CourtPeoria City  
Chippewa RidgePeoria City  
Churchill ParkPeoria City  
ClaredonPeoria City  
Clarke PlacePeoria City  
ClarkesPeoria City  
Clevelands AdditionChillicothe City  
CloverdaleChillicothe City  
Cobblestone EstatesHanna City  
Colony PointDunlap Village  
Colony WoodsPeoria City  
Columbia Terrace NorthPeoria City  
Conrad Joos 3RdPeoria City  
Copper CreekDunlap Village  
Copper CreekPeoria City  
CopperfieldDunlap Village  
Cottage BeachChillicothe City  
Cottage DistrictPeoria City  
Country AireHanna City  
Country EstatesMapleton Village  
Country HillsPeoria City  
Country ManorBartonville Village  
Country MeadowsPeoria City61614
Courtside VillasPeoria City  
Coyote CreekPeoria City  
Coyote CreekMapleton Village  
Crab Orchard EstatesPeoria City  
Creighton WoodsPeoria City  
CreightonPeoria City  
Cress CreekPeoria City  
CrestviewPeoria City  
CrestwoodBartonville Village  
Crystals at WaterfordDunlap Village  
Cunningham PlacePeoria City  
Darst PlacePeoria City  
DarstsBartonville Village  
Deer Park EstatesMapleton Village  
Deerbrook EstatesPeoria City  
DeerbrookPeoria City  
Deerfield EstatesDunlap Village  
Delmar GlenPeoria City61604
Detweiler MarinaPeoria City  
Devonshire EstatesDunlap Village  
DixielandPeoria City  
DobbinsWest Peoria City  
DolansPeoria City  
DollsPeoria City  
DoubetsPeoria City  
Dover PointePeoria City  
Dover PointeDunlap Village  
DowntownPeoria City  
Durkin PlacePeoria City  
E H Fahnestocks LostGlasford Village  
East Bluff SerenityPeoria City  
East Bluff UnitedPeoria City  
East ClarendonPeoria City  
East Northgate ParkPeoria City  
East UplandPeoria City  
Easton PlacePeoria City  
Eaton HeightsBartonville Village  
Edgemere HeightsPeoria City  
Edgewater TerraceChillicothe City  
EdgewildPeoria City  
EdgewoodPeoria Heights Village61616
Edison ParkPeoria City  
EdwardsPeoria City  
El VistaPeoria City  
Eleanor ParkPeoria Heights Village  
Elizabeth PlacePeoria City  
Ellis AdditionPeoria City  
Elm HeightsElmwood City  
Emerson PlacePeoria City  
Enchanted ForestPeoria City  
Endlichs EstatesPeoria City  
EndresPeoria City  
ExcelsiorPeoria City  
FahnestockWest Peoria City  
FahnestocksGlasford Village  
Fairfax AdditionPeoria City  
FairfaxPeoria City  
Fairground AcresElmwood City  
FairholmPeoria City  
FairlawnPeoria City  
FairmountPeoria City  
Fairview AdditionChillicothe City  
Fairway EstatesPeoria City  
Fairway VillasPeoria City61614
Fargo RidgeEdwards  
Farm View KnollsPeoria City  
Fawn HillsChillicothe City  
FernwoodBellevue Village  
Fields CrossingDunlap Village  
Fields of Hickory Grove CondosPeoria City  
Fieldstone EstatesPeoria City  
FieldstonePeoria City  
FlanagansPeoria City  
Folkers PlacePeoria City  
Forest RidgePeoria City  
Forrest GardensPeoria City  
Forrest GlenPeoria City  
Forrest HillsPeoria City  
Forrest LanePeoria City  
Forrest ParkPeoria City  
Fox Creek FarmsBrimfield Village  
FrankelsPeoria City  
Franklin PlaceWest Peoria City  
FrietschBartonville Village  
Frontier EstatesBartonville Village  
Frontier EstatesPeoria City  
FruitdalePeoria City  
Gale AvenuePeoria City  
Galena KnollsChillicothe City  
Galena ParkPeoria City  
Garden Home AcresPeoria Heights Village61616
Garden PlacePeoria City  
GeorgetowneDunlap Village  
Gibson HeightsPeoria Heights Village61616
Giles PlacePeoria City  
Glen ElmPeoria Heights Village61616
Glen HavenPeoria City  
Glen HillsPeoria City  
Glen Oak ParkPeoria City  
Glen Oak-FlanaganPeoria City  
GlenairePeoria Heights Village61616
GlencrestPeoria City  
Glenhaven EstatesPeoria City  
GlenhavenPeoria City  
Golden AcresPeoria City  
Golden GardensPeoria City  
Goose LakePeoria City  
Grand ParkPeoria City  
Grand View TerracePeoria Heights Village  
Grandview AdditionPeoria City  
Grandview KnollsEdwards  
Green RidgeWest Peoria City  
GreenviewPeoria City  
Grinnell PlacePeoria City  
GrinnellPeoria City  
Groves Country EstatesDunlap Village  
Groves of Grand PrairiePeoria City  
HallsPeoria City  
Hamilton ParkPeoria City  
Hamptons CrossingPeoria City  
Hanna EastHanna City  
Hanna WestHanna City  
Hanssler PlacePeoria City  
Harbor PointePeoria City61611
Harlans AdditionDunlap Village  
Harrison HomesPeoria City  
HarschsPeoria City  
Hawley HighlandsPeoria City  
Hawley HillsPeoria City  
Hawthorne HillsPeoria City  
Heritage SquarePeoria Heights Village61616
Hickory Grove EstatesDunlap Village  
Hickory GrovePeoria City  
Hickory GroveDunlap Village  
Hickory WoodsDunlap Village  
Hidden LakePeoria City  
Hidden PointGlasford Village  
High MeadowsBartonville Village  
High PointPeoria City  
High WinePeoria City  
Highland GardensPeoria Heights Village  
Highland ParkPeoria Heights Village  
Highland WoodsPeoria City  
HighlandPeoria City  
Highview KnollsPeoria City  
Hilltop PlacePeoria City  
HinesPeoria City  
HomevillePeoria City  
HopkinsBartonville Village  
HornbakersGlasford Village  
Hunters RidgeBartonville Village  
Hunters RunPeoria City  
Hunters Trail EstatesDunlap Village  
Hunters Trail EstatesPeoria City  
Hunters TrailDunlap Village  
Hunters TrailPeoria City  
Huntington PointePeoria City  
HuntingtonPeoria City  
IdyllbrookPeoria City  
Illinois Valley HomesPeoria City  
InglewoodPeoria City  
Irvine PlacePeoria City  
Isaacson AcresChillicothe City  
Jackson CornersPeoria City  
Jackson ParkPeoria City  
Jefferson ParkPeoria City  
Jessie HannaysWest Peoria City  
Joanne HillsPeoria City  
Joanne ManorPeoria City  
John KooksPeoria City  
John McDougalsPeoria City  
Joseph DaltonPeoria City  
Jubilee HollowPrinceville Village  
Jubilee Park EstatesBrimfield Village  
Jubilee WoodsBrimfield Village  
KeithleysPeoria City  
Kellar HeightsPeoria City  
Keller AdditionBartonville Village  
Kellog ParkPeoria City  
Kellogg ParkPeoria City  
KelloggPeoria City  
KellyPeoria Heights Village  
KelshPeoria City  
Kettelle PlacePeoria City  
Keystone ParkBartonville Village  
Kickapoo HeightsPeoria City  
Kingman PlacePeoria City  
Knoll CrestPeoria City  
KnollcrestPeoria City  
KnollsPeoria City  
Knott &Amp; Masker'sPeoria City  
Knoxville CourtPeoria City  
Knoxville PlacePeoria City  
Kountry ViewHanna City  
Kratz PlacePeoria City  
Lake CamelotMapleton Village  
Lake LongbowPeoria City  
Lake Of The WoodsDunlap Village  
Lake ParkPeoria City  
Lakeview AdditionPeoria City  
Lancaster EstatesMapleton Village  
Laughlin PlacePeoria City  
Laura BuerkinPeoria City  
LauterdaleBartonville Village  
Lawn RidgePeoria City  
LawndalePeoria City  
Lehman FarmPeoria City  
Lexington CenterPeoria City  
Lexington HillsPeoria City  
Lexington KnollsPeoria City  
Lexington ParkPeoria City  
Lexington Ridge CondosPeoria City  
Lexington RidgePeoria City  
LimestonePeoria City  
Lincoln ParkPeoria City  
Lincoln PlacePeoria City  
Lincoln VillageBartonville Village  
LindsayPeoria City  
Livingston PlacePeoria City  
Lizetta PlacePeoria City  
Locust GrovePeoria City  
Longshore ParkPeoria Heights Village61616
Longshore PlacePeoria Heights Village  
LongshorePeoria Heights Village  
LongwoodPeoria City  
LuthysPeoria City  
Lyndale RoadPeoria City  
LynncrestPeoria City  
LynnhurstPeoria City  
Madison ManorPeoria City  
Madison ManorPeoria City  
Madison TerracePeoria City  
MadisonBartonville Village  
MahersPeoria City  
Mandalay WoodsPeoria City61614
Maple LawnPeoria City  
Maple Ridge AdditionPeoria City  
Maple ShadePeoria City  
Mardell ManorBartonville Village  
McCarty AcresBartonville Village  
McCulloughHanna City  
McDowell PlacePeoria City  
McGinnitysPeoria City  
McReynoldsPeoria City  
MeadowlawnPeoria City  
MeadowoodDunlap Village  
Medinah Country EstatesMedina Twp  
Medinah SpringMedina Twp  
Medinah WoodsMedina Twp  
Melrose PlacePeoria City  
MelvinPeoria City  
Michael PlacePeoria City  
MillardsPeoria City  
MiltsPeoria City  
MoffattPeoria City  
Mohrs PlaceWest Peoria City  
MonroesPeoria City  
MorningsidePeoria City  
Moss AdditionPeoria City  
Moss BradleyPeoria City  
Mossville PointPeoria City  
Mt Hawley ManorPeoria City  
MuellersPeoria City  
Mullen ManorChillicothe City  
MulvaneyBrimfield Village  
MurphysPeoria City  
Nassau EstatesPeoria City  
Nettle CreekDunlap Village  
NevellsPrinceville Village  
New HavenPeoria City  
New World CondosPeoria City  
Newman ParkviewPeoria City  
North CreekPrinceville Village  
North FlorencePeoria City  
North Prospect AreaPeoria City  
North Trail MeadowsDunlap Village  
NorthairePeoria City  
NorthbrookDunlap Village  
NorthcrestPeoria City  
Northgate ParkPeoria City  
Northmoor EstatesPeoria City  
Northmoor HillsPeoria City  
Northmoor KnollsPeoria City  
Northridge MeadowsPeoria City  
Northridge MeadowsDunlap Village  
Northtrail MeadowsDunlap Village  
Norwood ParkNorwood Village61604
O DellsPeoria City  
Oak CliffPeoria City  
Oak CrestPeoria City  
Oak LanePeoria City  
Oak ParkPeoria City  
Oakbrook ParkPeoria City  
OakbrookPeoria City  
OakcliffPeoria City  
OakcrestPeoria City  
OaklawnPeoria City  
Old OrchardPeoria City  
Olde Town SouthPeoria City  
Olde TownePeoria City  
Oldmoor PlacePeoria City  
Orchard DistrictPeoria City  
Paddock ManorBartonville Village  
Park EastPeoria City  
Park EdgePeoria City  
Park Hill EstatesChillicothe City  
Park LanePeoria City  
Park PlacePeoria City  
Park Ridge EstatesPrinceville Village  
ParkviewPeoria City  
ParkwayPeoria City  
PatriciasPeoria City  
Pekin LaneHanna City  
PembrokePeoria City  
Pershing GardensPeoria Heights Village61616
Pettett's AdditionChillicothe City  
PhelpsElmwood City  
Picture RidgePeoria City  
Pierce PlacePeoria City  
PinewoodChillicothe City  
PinnacleDunlap Village  
PorterBrimfield Village  
Prairie Creek EstatesBrimfield Village  
Prospect HeightsPeoria Heights Village61616
Randolph-RoanokePeoria City  
Ravinwoods FarmPeoria City  
Red ZonePeoria City  
ReidlandPeoria Heights Village  
Reservoir HeightsPeoria City  
Richwood KnollsPeoria City  
RichwoodsPeoria City  
RiggsPeoria City  
River ForestPeoria City  
River RidgeChillicothe City  
RiversoundChillicothe City  
Rohmann CourtWest Peoria City  
Rolling AcresPeoria City  
RollingbrookPeoria City  
Rome FarmsChillicothe City  
Rome StationChillicothe City  
Roosevelt PlacePeoria City  
Rose EstatesMapleton Village  
Rouse AdditionPeoria Heights Village  
RussellsPeoria City  
Sable CreekPeoria City61615
Saddlebrook EstatesMapleton Village  
SaddlebrookDunlap Village  
SanderlandBartonville Village  
Santa FeChillicothe City  
SantoWest Peoria City  
SavannaDunlap Village  
SaylorGlasford Village  
Scenic HeightsPeoria City  
SelveyPeoria City  
Shady OaksPeoria City  
Sheridan AcresPeoria City  
Sheridan ManorPeoria City  
Sheridan ParkPeoria City  
Sheridan VillagePeoria City  
SheridanPeoria City  
Sherman PlacePeoria City  
Sherwood ForestPeoria City61614
Shore AcresChillicothe City  
Sieberlings AdditionPeoria Heights Village61616
Simon Marek PlaceWest Peoria City  
SimoneausPeoria City  
Sims PlacePeoria City  
Skyline DrivePeoria City  
SkylinePeoria City  
SloughPeoria City  
Smith StreetPeoria City  
SmithsWest Peoria City  
Sommer PlaceEdwards61528
South ParkPeoria City  
South Rome BeachChillicothe City  
South SidePeoria City  
SpaldingPeoria City  
Spring GrovePeoria City  
St PhilomenaPeoria City  
Sterling DownsWest Peoria City  
Sterling KnollsPeoria City  
Sterling OaksPeoria City  
StevensPrinceville Village  
StonegateDunlap Village  
Stonehenge EstatesPeoria City  
Stonehenge VillasPeoria City  
StonehengeDunlap Village  
StonehengePeoria City  
StormsPrinceville Village  
Stratford AiresPeoria City  
Strathmoore EstatesDunlap Village  
StrathmooreDunlap Village  
Summer RidgeDunlap Village  
Summer RidgePeoria City  
SunnysideBartonville Village  
Sunset HillsPeoria City  
Sycamore TrailChillicothe City  
Table GrovePeoria City  
Tall Oaks VillasBartonville Village  
TanglewoodPeoria City  
Taylor TracePeoria City  
Temple and Clevelands AdditonChillicothe City  
Terra VistaPeoria City  
TerrellPeoria City  
The BluffsBellevue Village  
The Cove at Charter OakPeoria City  
The HeathersPeoria City  
The HighlandsPeoria Heights Village61616
The KnollsPeoria City  
The MeadowsPeoria City  
The UplandsPeoria City  
The Villas of WaterstonePeoria City  
Thompson PlacePeoria City  
Thousand OaksPeoria City  
Timber OaksPeoria City  
Timber RidgePeoria City  
TimberbrookPeoria City  
TownsendPeoria City  
Trail CrossingDunlap Village  
Trailcreek EstatesPeoria City61514
TrailcreekPeoria City  
Trails Edge VillagesPeoria City61515
Trails EdgePeoria City  
Trailview EstatesDunlap Village  
Tripp PlacePeoria City  
Trojan CourtHanna City  
Truitts AdditionChillicothe City  
Twin Towers PlacePeoria City61602
UnderhillsChillicothe City  
University CourtPeoria City  
University EastPeoria City  
University PlacePeoria City  
University TerracePeoria City  
Uplands EastPeoria City  
UplandsPeoria City  
Valley ShoresPeoria City  
VersaillesPeoria City  
Victoria VillasPeoria City61614
View PointPeoria City  
Villa RomaChillicothe City  
Village GrandePeoria City  
Villas of WaterstoneEdwards  
Vinton HighlandPeoria City  
Virginia PlacePeoria City  
Voight PlacePeoria City  
Walnut GrovePeoria City  
Walnut PointBartonville Village  
Walnut PointMapleton Village  
Wandering SpringsPeoria City  
WardcliffPeoria City  
Wardcliffe KnollsPeoria City  
WardcliffePeoria City  
Warehouse DistrictPeoria City  
Washington HeightsPeoria City  
Waterford PlacePeoria City  
Waterford PlaceDunlap Village  
WaterfordDunlap Village  
Weaver RidgePeoria City61615
Wendarm AdditionWest Peoria City  
Wenkes PlaceWest Peoria City  
West Bluff AcresWest Peoria City  
West BluffPeoria City  
West CentralPeoria City  
West ClarendonPeoria City  
West CloverChillicothe City  
West HavenPeoria City  
West Park KnollsPeoria City  
Westaire CourtChillicothe City  
WestairePeoria City  
WestchesterChillicothe City  
WestmeadChillicothe City  
WestmorelandPeoria City  
Westwood HillsPeoria City  
WestwoodPeoria City  
WheatfieldMapleton Village  
Whitetail Ridge EstatesBartonville Village  
Wiesehan PlacePeoria City  
Wildwood HeightsPeoria City  
WilliamsburgPeoria City  
Willow KnollsPeoria City  
Willow Lake VillagePeoria City  
Willow LakePeoria City  
Willow RidgePeoria City  
Willow TreePeoria City  
Willow WayPeoria City  
Wilmar KnollsBartonville Village  
WilsonsPeoria City  
Windchime CondosPeoria City  
WindpointePeoria City  
WiswallPeoria City  
Woodbrook ManorPeoria City  
WoodcrestPeoria City  
Woodlawn PlacePeoria Heights Village61616
Woodlawn PlacePeoria City  
Woodside CreekPeoria City  
WynncrestDunlap Village  
WyssPeoria City  
Yorkshire VillagePeoria City  
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