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Neighborhoods in
Canyon County Idaho

Apple Creek EstatesCaldwell City83607
Caldwell Residential Historic DistrictCaldwell City83605
Feller ManorCaldwell City83605
Murray AdditionCaldwell City83605
AmandaNampa City  
Apple Valley AcresParma City  
Aram EstatesNampa City  
Arlington AdditionNampa City  
ArlingtonCaldwell City  
Arroyo View EstatesCaldwell City  
Asbury ParkNampa City  
Ashton HillsCaldwell City  
Aspen GroveNampa City  
Astoria ParkNampa City  
AuroraNampa City  
Aussie AcresNampa City  
Autumn BreezeNampa City  
Autumn FallsCaldwell City  
Autumn WindNampa City  
Ayue MeadowsNampa City  
BarberryNampa City  
BatesParma City  
BayhillNampa City  
Beautiful ViewMelba City  
BeechwoodCaldwell City83605
Bella RioMelba City  
Bella ToscanaCaldwell City83607
Belmont HeightsNampa City  
Big Sky EstatesCaldwell City83607
BigelowMiddleton City  
Birch Creek EstatesNampa City  
Bird Haven CourtWilder City  
BlackhawkNampa City  
BlackmonMiddleton City  
Bonneville MeadowsNampa City  
Bonnie Brae SubdivisionNampa City  
Bowling GreenNampa City  
BowmanNampa City  
BowmontNampa City  
Brandt LandNampa City  
Brandts LandingNampa City  
Briarcrest EstatesNampa City  
Briarwood SubdivisionNampa City  
Bridgewater CreekMiddleton City  
Bridgewater EstatesNampa City  
Brittania HeightsNampa City  
BrookfieldCaldwell City83605
Brookwood EstatesNampa City  
Buena Vista CanyonCaldwell City  
Burch HighlandsNampa City  
Burnie SubdivisionNampa City  
Butterfly RidgeCaldwell City83607
Camden HeightsNampa City  
CanterburyCaldwell City  
Canyon CoveCaldwell City83605
Canyon HillCaldwell City  
Canyon Lake EstatesCaldwell City83607
Canyon MeadowsNampa City  
Canyon ViewNampa City  
Caribou PlaceCaldwell City  
Carriage HillNampa City  
Castle PeakNampa City  
Castleton PlaceNampa City  
Cedar CrossingCaldwell City  
Cedar ParkNampa City  
Cedar ParkCaldwell City  
ChaparralNampa City  
Charmae SpringsCaldwell City  
CheeryWilder City  
Cherry Creek EstatesNampa City  
Cherry Lane MeadowsNampa City  
Christensen HomMiddleton City  
Cirrus PointeCaldwell City83607
Clair-VistaCaldwell City  
Cobblestone SquareNampa City  
College HeightsCaldwell City83605
College ManorNampa City  
Colonial ParkMelba City  
Colter BayNampa City  
CoonsCaldwell City  
Copper CreekCaldwell City83605
Copper River BasinNampa City  
Cortland PlaceNampa City  
CottonwoodsNampa City  
Country AcresCaldwell City83607
Country ClubCaldwell City  
Country Sqr AcrNampa City  
Country TerraceNampa City  
Countryside EstatesMelba City  
Covert SubNampa City  
Covey RidgeCaldwell City  
Coyote CoveNampa City  
Creekside ParkNampa City  
CreeksideCaldwell City  
Crestview HeighNampa City  
Crestwood EstatesNampa City  
CrossfireMiddleton City  
Crossview MeadCaldwell City  
Crystal CoveNampa City  
Crystal LakesNampa City  
Crystalsprg CanNampa City  
CumberlandCaldwell City83607
D R Lynn CondosNampa City  
Dallan WoodsNampa City  
Danis RanchNampa City  
Davis AcresMiddleton City  
Davis GardensNampa City  
Deer PointeCaldwell City  
Deer Sky RanchNampa City  
Del Rosario EstatesMiddleton City  
Delaware ParkCaldwell City  
Desert Pine EstatesCaldwell City  
Devlin PlaceNampa City  
Devlin SquareNampa City  
Dewey Colonial EstatesMiddleton City  
Diamond ParkNampa City  
Diamond PointNampa City  
Doran Corn AdditionMiddleton City  
DunstanNampa City  
Eagle ClawNampa City  
Eagle CrestNampa City  
Eagles Nest EstatesCaldwell City  
East Valley SubNampa City  
EddinsCaldwell City  
Edgebrook EstatesNampa City  
El DoradoCaldwell City  
El Rancho HeightsCaldwell City  
Elder SubdivisionNampa City  
Elm CrestCaldwell City  
Estates at Meadow ParkMiddleton City  
Fair AcresCaldwell City  
Fair OaksCaldwell City  
Fairview PlaceNampa City  
FairwaysCaldwell City  
Faith LandingCaldwell City  
Falcon RidgeCaldwell City83607
Falcon ValleyMiddleton City  
FalconridgeNampa City  
Fall River EstatesNampa City  
Fawnwood ManorNampa City  
Fieldcrest VillageCaldwell City  
FieldcrestCaldwell City83607
Fieldstone EstatesMiddleton City  
Flamingo ParkNampa City  
Flamingo RidgeNampa City  
Florida EstatesCaldwell City  
FooteCaldwell City  
FooteMiddleton City  
Foothill RanchNampa City  
Foothills EastNampa City  
Forest Hills EstatesCaldwell City  
FortinNampa City  
Fouch AdditionParma City  
Four SeasonsCaldwell City  
Fox EstatesNampa City  
Fox Ridge EstatesCaldwell City  
Fruitdale FarmsCaldwell City  
Fuji FarmsNampa City  
Garden ViewCaldwell City  
Garrett AdditionWilder City  
Gateway ParkNampa City  
GeorgiaCaldwell City  
Glen View EstatesNampa City  
Gold CrestNampa City  
Golden GateCaldwell City  
Goose Cross EstatesNampa City  
GrandviewCaldwell City  
GrantParma City  
Green AcresNampa City  
Greenbriar EstatesNampa City  
GreenlinksMiddleton City  
Greens at RidgecrestNampa City  
Grey HawkMiddleton City  
Griffiths ParkCaldwell City  
Hamilton SubdivisionNampa City  
Hawthorne AcresNampa City  
Hawthorne AcresMiddleton City  
Heritage MeadowsCaldwell City  
Heritage PointeNampa City  
Heron SpringsNampa City  
Hidden CoveNampa City  
High Plains EstatesCaldwell City  
High Plains EstatesMiddleton City  
High VistaMiddleton City  
Highland MeadowMiddleton City  
Highland ParkNampa City  
Highland ParkCaldwell City  
Hill Creek SubdivisionNampa City  
Hillcrest AcresCaldwell City  
Hillside ManorNampa City  
HoffmanCaldwell City  
Hollandia EstatesCaldwell City  
HomesteadNampa City  
Hunters AcresNampa City  
Hunters PointNampa City  
Hunters RidgeMiddleton City  
Huston AcresCaldwell City  
Idaho HeightsParma City  
Indian VillageNampa City  
Jefferson ParkCaldwell City  
Juniper SquareNampa City  
KameoCaldwell City  
Karcher AcresNampa City  
Kelly ParkNampa City  
Kennedy MeadowsMiddleton City  
KinghornNampa City  
Kings EstatesNampa City  
Kings HeightsNampa City  
KingsbridgeNampa City  
Kingsbury EstatesMiddleton City  
KingsgateNampa City  
Kingsview EstatesCaldwell City83709
Kremmwood HghtsNotus City  
Lake GroveNampa City  
Lake Shore EstatesCaldwell City  
Lake View HillsNampa City  
Lakes at TelagaMiddleton City  
LakeviewCaldwell City  
LanktreeMiddleton City  
Lansing HeightsMiddleton City  
Lansing MeadowsMiddleton City  
LaurelwoodNampa City  
Lava SpringsNampa City  
Leisure HeightsNampa City  
LeisurevilleNampa City  
Lewis CrossingNampa City  
Lexington HillsNampa City  
Lexington MeadowsNampa City  
Lexington MeadowsCaldwell City  
Little Valley EstatesWilder City  
Lloyds AdditionNampa City  
LoganCaldwell City  
Loma LindaNampa City  
LongstreetMiddleton City  
Longview AcresCaldwell City  
Lotus SpringsNampa City  
Lyonsdale ParkNampa City  
Madison PlaceNampa City  
Majestic ViewMelba City  
Mansfield ParkNampa City  
Maplewood EstatesNampa City  
Marble HeightsCaldwell City  
Marble ValleyCaldwell City  
Mason CreekNampa City  
MayflowerNampa City  
McCintock AcresNampa City  
Meadow CreekNampa City  
Meadow ViewCaldwell City  
MelanieCaldwell City  
Meriwether ParkNampa City  
MichalaCaldwell City  
Middle CreekNampa City  
Middleton HeightsMiddleton City  
Middleton LakesMiddleton City  
Middleton PlaceMiddleton City  
Midland HeightsMiddleton City  
Midway ParkCaldwell City  
MilagroCaldwell City  
Miller CrossingNampa City  
Milliken HeightsNampa City  
Mission PointeNampa City  
MitchellsWilder City  
MonarchNampa City  
Montana ManorCaldwell City  
Monte VistaCaldwell City  
Montecito ParkCaldwell City83605
Moon Shadow EstatesMiddleton City  
MoonstruckCaldwell City  
Morning DoveNampa City  
Morning Sun EstatesNampa City  
Morning View EstatesNampa City  
Morningmist CanyonCaldwell City  
Morningside HeightsNampa City  
Moss PointeNampa City  
Mountain GemCaldwell City  
Mountain View EstatesCaldwell City  
Mountainview AcMiddleton City  
MuchowMelba City  
Nampa HeightsNampa City  
New Country MeadowsCaldwell City  
North Slope EstatesCaldwell City  
Nottingham GreensMiddleton City  
NottingshireCaldwell City  
NovisNampa City  
OakhurstNampa City  
OakmontNampa City  
Orchalara HeightsNampa City  
Orchard GroveNampa City  
Orchard HeightsNampa City  
Orchard HeightsCaldwell City  
Orchard MeadowsNampa City  
Owyhee EstatesNampa City  
Owyhee RidgeMelba City  
Owyhee ViewMelba City  
Owyhee ViewWilder City  
Owyhee VillageCaldwell City  
PalrangCaldwell City83607
Paradise EstatesCaldwell City  
Park PlaceNampa City  
Park PlaceMiddleton City  
Park RidgeNampa City  
ParkerMiddleton City  
ParksideCaldwell City  
Payette ViewParma City  
PaynterNampa City  
Peaceful AcresCaldwell City  
Peachtree EstatesNampa City  
Pear Lane EstatesCaldwell City  
PeaseParma City  
Pebble CreekNampa City  
Perkel AcerageMiddleton City  
Pheasant LandingMiddleton City  
Pheasant RidgeNampa City  
Pheasant RunCaldwell City  
Pierce AdditionParma City  
Pioneer EstatesWilder City  
PlainviewNampa City  
Pleasant AcresNampa City  
Pleasant RidgeNampa City  
Pleasant View EstatesCaldwell City  
Pleasant View EstatesWilder City  
PlumeriaCaldwell City  
PlumtreeMiddleton City  
Ponderosa PointNampa City  
Poplar PlaceNampa City  
Port MeadowsNampa City  
Powder RiverMiddleton City  
Powell EstatesCaldwell City  
Purple Sage RanchCaldwell City  
Purple Sky RanchMiddleton City  
Quail CoveNampa City  
Quail CoveCaldwell City  
Quail MeadowsCaldwell City  
Quail Ridge EstatesNampa City83686
Quail RidgeCaldwell City83607
Raintree MeadowsNampa City  
Raintree VillageNampa City  
Rancho VistaMiddleton City  
Red Fox EstatesNampa City  
Resk Country EstatesNampa City  
Resk ParkNampa City  
Ridge CrestNampa City  
Ridgepointe EstatesNampa City  
RidgeviewNampa City  
Ridgewalk PlaceCaldwell City  
River BendWilder City  
River MeadowNampa City  
River Ridge EstatesCaldwell City  
River Road EstatesCaldwell City  
Riverfront EstatesWilder City  
Riverside EstatesWilder City  
RiverviewWilder City  
Rockwell VillageNampa City  
Rockwood ParkNampa City  
Rodeo Ranch EstatesNampa City  
Rolling GreenNampa City  
Rolling HillsNampa City  
RooseveltNampa City  
RosedownNampa City  
RosehavenWilder City  
Royal MeadowsNampa City  
Saddle RidgeNampa City  
Sage CanyonMiddleton City  
Sage Run EstatesMiddleton City  
Sagebrush RidgeMelba City  
Saint James Place EstatesNampa City  
SandhollowCaldwell City  
Sands PointeNampa City  
Sandy BeachWilder City  
Sawgrass VillageCaldwell City83607
Schreiner EstatesMiddleton City  
SeasonsNampa City  
Serenity EstatesNampa City  
Seven SpringsWilder City  
Shalimar TerraceNampa City  
Shamrock VillaNampa City  
Shanys AcreMiddleton City  
ShaversCaldwell City  
Sherwood EstatesMiddleton City  
Sherwood ForestNampa City83687
Sherwood MeadowNampa City  
Shomburg PlaceNampa City83686
Sienna HillsNampa City  
Sienna HillsCaldwell City  
Sierra Park EstatesNampa City  
Silver Spur EstatesNampa City  
Silverbow EstatesCaldwell City83607
Silvercrest EstatesNampa City  
Sims PlaceWilder City  
SkyranchNampa City  
Skyview ParkNampa City  
SloviaczekMiddleton City  
Somerset WestCaldwell City  
South Cherry EsatesNampa City  
South CreekNampa City  
South KimballCaldwell City  
South PalrangCaldwell City83607
South ParkCaldwell City  
South ValleyNampa City  
Southern HeightsCaldwell City  
SouthgateCaldwell City  
Southridge EstatesNampa City  
SouthshoreNampa City  
Southwick EstatesMiddleton City  
SpicewoodNampa City  
Spring CanyonNampa City  
Squaw Butte EstatesCaldwell City  
SquiresMiddleton City  
StanfordNampa City  
StarcrestNampa City  
Starlight ParkCaldwell City  
StecherCaldwell City  
Stephens AdditionNotus City  
Sterling MeadowsNampa City  
Steunenberg Residential Historic DistrictCaldwell City  
StillwaterNampa City  
StocktonsParma City  
Stone CreekCaldwell City  
StonegateCaldwell City  
Stonehedge ParkCaldwell City  
StonybrookMiddleton City  
StrahornCaldwell City  
Sugar MeadowsNampa City  
Sugar ParkNampa City  
Summer BreezeNampa City  
SummerbrookNampa City  
SummerwindCaldwell City  
Suncrest HeightsCaldwell City83607
Sunny RidgeNampa City  
Sunny SlopeCaldwell City  
SunridgeCaldwell City  
Sunrise CrossingNampa City  
Sunrise MeadowsNampa City  
Sunrise SkyparkMelba City  
Sunset CoveNampa City  
Sunset HillsNampa City  
Sunset MeadowsNampa City  
Sunset OaksNampa City  
Sydney CircleNampa City  
Sylvan ManorCaldwell City  
Tamarack PointNampa City  
Taylor RidgeCaldwell City  
The CottagesNampa City  
The IslandsNampa City  
The PinesNampa City  
The RanchNampa City  
Thompson AdditionNampa City  
Timberstone CreekMelba City  
Torrey PinesNampa City  
Trail RidgeParma City  
Trinity EstatesNampa City  
Trinity HillsNampa City  
Triple CrownNampa City  
Tuscany HillsNampa City  
Two TowersNampa City  
Valley Ranch EstatesNampa City  
Valleyview RanchNampa City  
Vallivue HeightCaldwell City  
Vanal HeightsCaldwell City  
Vassar PlaceNampa City  
Vavold HeightsCaldwell City  
Vavold HeightsMiddleton City  
VeniceNampa City  
Verde HillsNampa City  
Victorian CrestNampa City  
Victory HeightsMiddleton City  
Vida GlennMiddleton City  
View RidgeMiddleton City  
View TerraceWilder City  
Vineyard PointNampa City  
Virginia ParkCaldwell City  
Vista RidgeNampa City  
Vista Way AddGreenleaf City  
Ward EstatesCaldwell City  
Washington HeightsCaldwell City  
WaterhouseNampa City  
Watkins GlennWilder City  
West BeechCaldwell City  
West HighlandMiddleton City  
West PineNampa City  
West RiverCaldwell City  
West Trail EstatesCaldwell City  
West Valley EstatesCaldwell City83607
West ValleyCaldwell City  
Westlake EstatesCaldwell City  
WestminsterNampa City  
Weston PointeCaldwell City  
WestviewNampa City  
WestwoodMiddleton City  
Whisper CreekMiddleton City  
Whispering PinesCaldwell City  
WhisperwoodNampa City  
White Horse RanchNampa City  
Whitney SpringsNampa City  
WiebersMiddleton City  
Wild Prairie EstatesNampa City  
Wild Rose RanchNampa City  
Wildflower EstatesNampa City  
Wildflower WestNampa City  
WildflowerNampa City  
WildwoodNampa City  
Willis EstatesCaldwell City  
Willow CreekNampa City83686
Willow CreekMiddleton City  
Willow FallsCaldwell City  
WillowbrookCaldwell City  
WillowdaleNampa City  
WillowviewMiddleton City  
Wilson CreekNampa City  
Wilson OrchardNampa City  
WindsongCaldwell City  
Windsor CreekCaldwell City83607
Winslow AcresCaldwell City  
Wood Springs EstatesCaldwell City  
WoodgateCaldwell City  
WoodlandsNampa City  
Woodview AcresNampa City  
Wycliff EstatesNampa City  
Yale ParkNampa City  
Yellow PineNampa City  
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